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Letter to The Grapevine: NEANDERTHAL MAN RETURNED The Neanderthal Man that Charles A. Stultz made in 1931 was taken from my front porch on March 21st 2014. This is the time of year that students are finishing exams and are prone to pranks. It was returned to my front lawn on June 20th 2014 by two youths who I happened to see out the window but who had gone by the time I got out the door. They left a note: Dear owner(s) of Bruce (Neanderthal Man), We were not the ones who took him, however, we are the ones…
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Summer Tabouli

An abundance of juicy nourishment emerges during summer to help protect us from the seasonal heat. The following recipe incorporates fresh mint and cucumber to cool you down. This is a flexible dish that can be adapted to your tastes, imagination and creativity. Have fun. Summer Tabouli 1 – 2 bunches of finely chopped parsley 1 cup chopped fresh mint (you can add lemon balm) 1 cup of your favourite cooked grain (Bulgur, Quinoa, Millet, Rice, etc.) 1 chopped tomato ½ chopped (diced or sliced) English cucumber 3 green onions chopped (or fresh chives) ¼ cup olive oil ¼ cup…
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New Sights in Wine Country

Another wine season has begun and there are lots of new things to discover in wine country! By now, most of you have seen the impressive new tasting room at Luckett Vineyards and if you haven’t, it’s quite the show-stopper! With glass windows framing the stunning view of the Basin and Cape Blomidon, it’s a great setting to sip some new vintages. But Luckett Vineyards aren’t the only ones to go through some big transformations! Gaspereau Vineyards has had a facelift too with some modern interior touch-ups and an expanded retail space. Food will also start being served on their…
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Lights! Camera! Action! I was so excited when Terri Lynn Blanchard agreed to be profiled here in the Grapevine.  I have followed Terri Lynn on Facebook and think her photos are stunning and I really wanted to help promote her and her work to all my readers.  It’s summertime – what better way to encapsulate the fun times with warm weather, family, friends (and weddings & reunions etc.) than to have a professional photographer handy to capture those moments for you.  Terri Lynn Blanchard is just the photographer for the job.  I was also thrilled to write about her because…
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Feature Pet – LEXUS:

Feature Pet – LEXUS:  Lexus is a beautiful long-haired calico, female spayed who we estimate to be about 3 years old. She is very friendly with people. Wolfville Animal Hospital,   12-112 Front St., Wolfville . 542 3422

Reflections on National Aboriginal History Month

To many of us who call ourselves Canadian’s little thought is given to the history of our country prior to the arrival of a distant relative, immigrating from a distant land, sometime after the year 1600.  For those whose ancestors have lived on the same land for thousands of years, the perception of what Canada means to them, in a historical context, is a profoundly different experience… the celebrated years of settlement and westward expansion, romantic tales of pioneer adventure and discovery of ‘new lands’, is instead the story of invasion, slaughter, deceit, genocide, and the denial of the basic…
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The Landscape of Grand Pré has its own official brandmark!

This brandmark was created for the Society in partnership, and with support from, the Municipality of the County of Kings and the Nova Scotia Tourism Agency, and with invaluable feedback from the local community. The design reflects the pattern of the dykelands, holding back the waters of the Minas Basin and shows iconic Blomidon, the Acadian Memorial Church and farm silos. This Brandmark will be displayed on all Society material including new signage. We hope that feedback will help us tell what locals want to know and do around Grand Pré and surrounding area. All suggestions welcome! We’ll soon be…
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Camp Brigadoon

CAMP BRIGADOON “To me, camp means home.” This is how one camper summed up his experience at Camp Brigadoon, a non-profit facility on Aylesford Lake. Brigadoon hosts children, youth and families living with a chronic illness, chronic condition, or special need, giving them a chance to be themselves for a few days – not a patient, a chart full of symptoms, or ‘good little soldier’. For many who attend Brigadoon, the camp experience is not just fun, but transformational. A child at last summer’s bereavement camp explains why: “My favourite part of camp was not feeling alone and meeting people…
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Every Monday and Tuesday for the last few months, after I have completed my workout at Abs-olute Health Club in New Minas, I’ve walked from there into Kentville for play rehearsals. It’s a great walk, and I pass this incredible little shop called Elsewhere. I am a sucker for used DVD’s, CD’s, Collectibles, etc. and this shop is a great find! Specialty shops like this, I find, always have the most knowledgeable staff. The men who own this shop also operate it, and as you can see from the photo, really enjoy what they do and that rubs off in…
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Thank you to the White Rock Community Centre

The Grapevine has always enjoyed helping to promote the various events & listings found within its pages. Over the years many businesses, organizations, and groups have sent us their regular updates which we have gladly included. After all, your continued involvement strengthens the paper and helps to drive things forward. Although limited page space necessitates having to use criteria guidelines to adhere to, most often there’s at least some way to include your diverse requests. With almost every email response, we will also make sure to mention the added exposure obtained by utilizing With a combined effort, The Grapevine’s…
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