Back to School: Best Tips from the Trenches

Back to School: Best Tips from the Trenches
By Laura Churchill Duke

It’s hard to believe how quickly the summer has flown by and we are already back to school! To find the best tips, I went to Facebook to ask parents for their suggestions:

1. Make packing school lunches easier.

I’ve got snack stations set up that my little one can pick from. She can choose one from the cracker box, one from the sweets box, two from fruit/veggie box and one from a dairy box. Then I have a list of allergy-friendly main meals that she can take. I’ve been doubling meals to freeze and will pull out one to put in a thermos for her.

Having an inventory of quick easy ideas and the grocery lists to go with it make life a lot easier because I just have to pick a menu and then pick the list that goes with it.

I usually take Sunday morning to do meal prep for the week so that is when I’ll do up things for lunches and have it all done in one day.

Pack your freezer with muffins, waffles, protein bites, cookies, smoothies, soups etc., for easy lunch prep.

2. Get your back to school clothes and supplies sorted.

I buy clothes a season ahead as they on sale with clearance. Reuse supplies, they don’t have to be new!

3. Get your calendar organized.

I sat down last week and checked the school board calendar and noted on my calendar any days that are closures or possible half days and wrote it out for the school year. If you do this in advance, make sure you still check the school calendar each month as sometimes dates change.

4. Practice routines and start them early.

We started our school routine last week with early bedtimes and wake ups and breakfasts and laying clothes out the night before. This is necessary for all ages.

5. Get a library card.

This is the best free back-to-school supply. You can use it for free to access for online homework help. Also, it can be used for books, magazines, audiobooks, and much more!

6. Remember it’s not always easy for parents.

This is for moms who struggle with back to school (yes not everyone is happy and excited to send them off!). September is hard for some people so think beforehand of a project to do, and start it on the first day of school. Make it one that will take at least a week and that will keep your mind busy so you’re less likely to be thinking of and missing your kids. Keep busy and know you’re not a freak for missing your kids and wanting them home still!

7. Take lots of pictures.

The time is over in the blink of an eye!