Thai Memory in Aylesford

Thai Memory in Aylesford
By Scott Campbell

This restaurant is very well-named because I guarantee, once you’ve been to Thai Memory, you will never forget it. What a fantastic restaurant. The décor is rich and colourful and aptly reflects the food that is served there. Owners Pat and Tun are as warm and welcoming as their restaurant, and Pat is also a talented photographer. Simply ask and he’ll happily capture a moment of your dining experience on his camera and email you the photo. As great as that is, let me tell you about the food. We ordered several dishes and the four of us ate family style. I think this is the best way to sample as many of the delicious Thai dishes as possible.

Some of our group started with appetizers – the deep fried spring rolls and a couple of the soups. The spring rolls came alongside sweet and sour chili sauce. The piping hot spring rolls were crispy outside and juicy and brimming with flavour inside. The sweet chili sauce was the perfect dip to go with them. We also tried the won ton with shrimp and pork. This was chock-full of fresh vegetables and meat all sitting in a steaming delicious broth. The won ton soup was a special appetizer that day and we just happened to be there when it was available. Lucky us. We also had the tom yum soup. This rich soup featured chicken, Thai herbs, mushroom, tomato and coriander. The velvety spiciness of the soup was a great starter for the rich meals to follow.

We tried the gaaeng khiaao wann (green curry). Everyone in our party have pretty travelled palates so we were okay with the level of spiciness in this dish. None of us found it too spicy at all. I was a little cautious when ordering because I didn’t want too much heat but none of the dishes we tried were uncomfortably spicy. In fact they were all perfectly spiced with just enough heat to really make the flavours burst. Our curry was prepared with chicken, zucchini, bamboo shoots, bell pepper, lime leaves, and Thai sweet basil. We ordered jasmine rice (which I would suggest you get to accompany all your dishes) to go with the curry and it was spectacular.

Next up was the guay tiaao pad kee mao (stir-fried rice noodles). This was easily one of my favourite dishes of the table. Again, spiced to perfection and noodles done perfectly. The rich flavours all seemed to come together to create a mouth-watering medley of chicken, bell peppers, peppercorns, kra-chay roots, Thai basil & fresh chilies. You really need to try this one if you haven’t yet.

We also tried gaaeng Panang (Panang curry). I have to admit – I’m not sure how they created the flavours that were brimming from this dish but I am really glad they did. The peanut flavour is the more forward of the dish but it’s quickly followed by a rush of other delicious tastes (bell peppers, lime leaves, etc.). Again, this is something I would heartily endorse as a selection.

Thai Memory offers incredible eat-in dining but also take-out and catering. They are located in Aylesford and, believe me, if you don’t live in Aylesford, it’s well worth the short drive to have some of the best Thai food I’ve ever tasted. Cheers.

Photo: Left to right is Scott Campbell, Mike Rudd, Adam Smith and June Pardy. This is the photo Pat took of all of at our table. He’ll do the same for any patrons who ask.

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