Who’s Who: Mayar Tahina

Who’s Who: Mayar Tahina
By Mike Butler

A few months ago, I was presented with a certificate from MLA Keith Irving at a special ceremony recognizing the achievements of the many volunteers and professionals in our community. It was a great and humbling honour to be in the presence of so many wonderful people. I looked around at the “celebrity” panel of honourees and it dawned on me rather quickly that many had appeared in my Who’s Who column. And, so like any good journalist, I took it upon myself to network with those new faces that have not been presented here, and my roster is now chalk full of people to include in upcoming issues. This amazing gentleman absolutely stole my heart among the many WOW stories told that evening, and I couldn’t wait to share it with my readers.

Mayar Tahina is originally from Syria but left when he was 14 years old and came to Canada in February 2016 with his parents, two brothers, and one sister. This move was a glorious, confusing, and mixed adventure for Mayar and his family, but in a short time chatting with him, it became clear that he’s the type of gentleman that rolls with changes and embraces them wholeheartedly.

Mayar is a third year computer science student at Acadia University, and let me tell you folks, he’s brilliant! I am not here to stroke an ego: the man is a computer/tech genius!

Mayar says, “surviving a war and seeing a new world opening up for me makes me think that I can do something and I can change the world in some ways.” This motivation prompted Mayar and some of his friends to create HyperOptimal, a business built to help other businesses with tech issues related to websites and apps, and custom software to meet their needs, along with branding and marketing strategies. “I started HyperOptimal to be my first step in the business world,” Mayar says.”I chose technology is because it is limitless and the benefits that it can offer are countless. We always try to make our clients fully immersed in the solution that we choose for them so that they can see how it can affect their business and how it is going to change the way they interact with customers. We encourage everyone to go our website, hyperoptimal.ca and send questions and touch base with us if they need assistance.” What keeps Mayar motivated in this line of work is that it gives him the power to build giant projects that mainly depend on technology and he believes there’s no limit to how big he can dream. With such a unique background and story to tell, Mayar stays positive and embraces the challenges that lay before him.

So how has he adapted to Canadian life? Are we really as friendly as we’re portrayed in beer commercials? Well, I asked. And he said, “What I love most about Wolfville, in general, is that people are supportive and they want to see you having fun, they want to see you succeed and they want to help if they can. One of the things that we were afraid of opening our business here in the Valley is that we won’t have enough customers to survive, but with the support from the community it has proven the opposite. My professors are helping to get me more clients, friends and everyone I know in the community is actively helping and trying to see us succeed. Coming to Canada was a wonderful and scary thing but it’s opened my eyes to know that people love each other whether they’re strangers or family.”

I hope someday, readers, you get the opportunity to meet and chat with this fine gent. His positive attitude and cheery disposition are a breath of fresh of air and Mayar is looking at the future with a very ambitious and hopeful perspective.

To Mayar and the many big dreamers out there: thank you for your story and your work. You give us all hope that anything is possible! All the best!