Who’s Who: Zack Clarke: The Supplement King

Who’s Who: Zack Clarke: The Supplement King
By Mike Butler

There’s a new business on Main Street, Wolfville that’s pumped to be serving the surrounding community, and its owner is even more excited to be one of the many leaving their mark on the thriving Wolfville business community. Zack Clarke and Supplement King have been flexing their business muscles for months now and I’m very proud to introduce this smiley, wonderful new face to all my readers.

Zack Clarke was born in Halifax and was raised in Middle Sackville. He’s currently living in Kingsport and loves all aspects of Valley life. Zack did his undergrad at Acadia University in Kinesiology as he’s always been sports-minded and had a love of all things sports and science related.

Zack moved to Ottawa in 2015 to go to Algonquin College, and graduated with a diploma in sport business management, one of his proudest moments as his motivation to do great things in sports and business really took off. He worked in strength and conditioning and had a passion for teaching and coaching with business in the background. Zack moved back to the Valley in 2017 to pursue a bachelor of education at Acadia and that dream will be fulfilled in May 2019, shortly after this article goes to print. Many congrats Zack on so many accomplishments thus far!

Zack credits his supportive parents and friends for his love of sports, and their encouragement to play football motivated him to move back here and live in this area again. Zack wears many hats in his life, branching between the world of education and health and fitness with many lines getting blurred. He’s passionate about health and wellness as well as educating others about their bodies and what’s healthy and unhealthy. Opening Supplement King seemed like a no-brainer for Zack, as he saw the need for such a business in a university town where so many students and adults care about health and have a love of sports and activity!

“Opportunity came from my dad,” Zack says. “He got tied in with Roger King and both of us had talked about the idea to open a store on Main Street, Wolfville. Supplement King was the right opportunity to bring to the Valley because of the heavy athletics programs here. Its unique and there’s not many other options like this in the Valley. Bringing this business here will hopefully open up a new market and brand that had not existed before, and to be next door to Acadia made the decision even easier with so many health-minded students, coaches, and high-performance athletes. We have a corporate partnership with Acadia Athletics for the 2018-2019 season and we’re super excited for that. The support we’ve been shown so far has been wonderful!”

When Zack isn’t supplementing the Valley he is filling his spare time with an assortment of activities. “I am forever a student of the coaching and performance world,” he says, “so I’m always reading on the subject. I train and lift functionally and athletically as much as my schedule allows. I always make time to coach, demonstrate, and try new exercises and programs for myself and others to use as an opportunity for fun and to learn. And most importantly, I always take time with my family and my girlfriend because their support is key to my success and I love spending time with them.”

Zack was not shy to sing the praises of the Valley and its residents. He commented on the friendly environment that everyone creates here in Wolfville and attributes that to his want to be here full time as a student and business owner. His future goals, and look out folks, cause he’ll meet them, are to teach and coach in football and strength and conditioning fitness. Zack wants to empower our youth, either in the classroom or in their sport, and he’s not scared of the challenges facing him. He wants to develop athletes and improve and develop coaches and the programs they use. Zack is a headstrong and very determined young man who has his hand on the pulse of the fitness world and I am very excited for what lies ahead for him.

For now, Zack will continue to read and educate himself about how to improve the nutrition and health options we have available so that one day he can put those things to use, whether with athletes or senior citizens. This Supplement King has the will and the WHEY that we need to be a healthier community. Long live the Supplement King! Best of luck Zack!