Brigadoon’s 5th Annual Wine & Dash

Brigadoon’s 5th Annual Wine & Dash

Wine & Dash is Brigadoon’s signature fundraising event. Participants run or walk a 5k or 10k through the Gaspereau Valley, making stops for wine tastings at some of Nova Scotia’s finest vineyards. This year, they will also have the option of foregoing the dash, and can instead book a seat on the Magic Winery Bus for a guided tour of the four participating wineries. To date the event has had over 1,500 participants and has raised over $300,000 for Brigadoon’s camp programs.

To find out more about the Wine & Dash, we asked past participant and committee member Barb Brennan a few of our most burning questions:

The Grapevine (GV): Tell us about the Wine & Dash event. How did you first get involved?

Barb Brennan (BB): I was initially introduced to the Wine & Dash by a fundraising coordinator I had worked with at another charity. I loved the idea and quickly signed up as a participant my first year. I had been running with a group of girlfriends for several years and when I heard there was a local event that combined running and wine tasting, we were pretty sure we were on to something good!

GV: What was the experience of running the Wine & Dash like?
BB: The Wine & Dash is a casual event, both runner and walker friendly. It’s perfect for first timers who are able to do a bit of training leading up to the event, or for regular runners with a more competitive side, there are a few hills along the route that give everyone an opportunity to push themselves. The event isn’t timed so participants are able to relax and enjoy the sampling experience at the vineyards without the pressure of trying to beat the clock at the finish line. We’re so lucky to have such beautiful vineyards in our own backyard and the people, participants, volunteers, and staff are so accommodating and welcoming.

GV: What’s the best part?
*BB: The best part for me is being involved as a volunteer and having an opportunity to meet and get to know the Brigadoon staff, the camper kids, and their families. I have never met such an enthusiastic group of people! Every “extraordinary kid” that’s given a chance to be “ordinary” by attending summer camp as a result of the funds that are raised, is a great reminder of why we’re all here helping organize every detail for the day. It’s impressive to see the cooperation from the local businesses and vineyards and we’re especially excited this year to partner with a local specialty micro-roaster, T.A.N. Coffee, as our brew supplier at the start area. A great kick-start to the event!

GV: Will you be running in this year’s race?
BB: As a committee member, I’ll be busy at one of the vineyards ensuring things are running smoothly for participants, volunteers, and our camper families. I miss being able to run the route and sample the amazing wines, but it’s been fun to turn the tables and be involved in working through the details behind the scenes. We’ve listened to participant feedback and worked very hard to improve the event from year to year. For the first time, the new route will actually take participants through sections of two of the vineyards. The Magic Wine Bus is also a nice addition for those who want to support the cause but prefer to ride the route. It’s important to maximize fun and safety and make it the best experience possible.

GV: What’s your favourite wine of those available at the participating vineyards?
BB: I have say, I’m partial to the Tidal Bays!

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