Vineyard Spotlight: Lightfoot & Wolfville

Vineyard Spotlight: Lightfoot & Wolfville

Established in 2009, Lightfoot & Wolfville is now known for producing handcrafted, small-lot wines in certified organic vineyards.

With a focus on classic Burgundian-inspired Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, Rieslings and other German-styled white wines, as well as traditional method prestige cuvée sparkling wines, the winery has over 35 acres of vines on two sites. They practice biodynamic viticulture, and focus on the grapes that work best within the Annapolis Valley’s unique microclimates. Both sites are within view of Cape Blomidon and benefit from the Minas Basin’s moderating impact on climate.

Another shared aspect of the terroir at both sites is what the winery refers to as ‘the rare Wolfville Formation Soil.’ Making up less than 3% of Nova Scotia’s soil spectrum, this soil combination consists of an upper root horizon of glacial till with coarse sandy loam, and a deep root horizon of clay content — an ideal situation for moisture retention.

And while the winery is relatively new, the Lightfoot name goes back a long way in Wolfville. The main estate has been in the family for several generations, and evidence of Acadian and Planter artifacts have been found, as well as an Acadian-era house foundation where the current winemaking facility stands.

Lightfoot & Wolfville describes their winemaking as “a return from modern, large-scale methods to classic, hands-on viticulture and oenology: 100 percent hand-harvesting, traditional basket press production, indigenous wild yeast fermentations, and fine French oak barriques for aging.”

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