Annapolis Valley Exhibition

The Annapolis Valley Exhibition is coming up August 12 to 17 and there’s still plenty of time to get involved & win some prizes (even if you live in town!).

Over 90 years strong, this week-long event held in Lawrencetown celebrates the Valley’s community, heritage, and the future of farming with prize winning vegetables, barns to stroll through, horse shows in the main ring, live music, and carnival rides.

But the best part is, you can take part! If you’re a quilter, a master of the sewing machine, a crafter, a leader, an artist, a photographer, a flower-arranger, a baker, or a maker of any manner of things — there’s likely a category for you to enter.

There are categories for adults and for kids too! There’s nothing like seeing a bright ribbon pinned beside the fruits of your labour (be it fruit, a craft made from recycled goods, or a pair of baby booties you’ve knitted with love). Entries are welcome from all!

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