Mike Uncorked: West Brooklyn Hall Jazz Nights

Mike Uncorked: West Brooklyn Hall Jazz Nights
By Mike Butler

Looking for something new, fresh and exciting to do on a Saturday night? Well, look no further! There’s endless things to do in the evenings here in the Valley: Ghost Walks, live music, films, live theatre, et cetera, but for something a little different, head to the West Brooklyn Hall for their Saturday Night Speakeasy Jazz Jams! I chatted with both Dorothy and Jerry Legge regarding the events and, with lots of enthusiasm, they explained that the Jazz Jams have really started taking off and it’s been a rousing success for the hall.

“We had a decent crowd for the premiere of this odd concept: turning a rural community centre into a 1920s speakeasy,” Jerry says, “and with the help of volunteers and Value Village finds, it sure didn’t look like Nana’s bingo hall! Table cloths, paintings, posters, cocktails in teacups, and popcorn paired with excellent jazz and soul from the Jill Hiscock Group, made for a fun, relaxing evening. We plan to continue each Saturday throughout the summer and perhaps into the fall.”

The quartet includes Jerry Legge on drums, Ian Brownstein on bass, David Filyer on guitar, and Jill Hiscock on vocals, and they blew the crowd away! And why has the hall decided to suddenly have Jazz Jams this summer? Well, the main impetus for the Speakeasy is to help rejuvenate the community hall, spurring others to see possibilities in its potential for a variety of events. It’s also an opportunity for the people of the area to get together, enjoy reasonably-priced refreshments, and hear some fabulous music. And they encourage patrons to arrive in era-appropriate costumes and dance the night away! Think of the days of The Great Gatsby, gangsters, 1920s jazz hangouts and get some friends together for a fun night, and All That Jazz!

Drop into the West Brooklyn Hall, Avonport, on Saturday evenings anytime between 7pm and 10pm for a margarita and wings. There’s a $5 cover charge and it’s cash only. Remember that all proceeds go right back into the hall. You can see some really neat photos of past events at WBspeakeasy on Facebook, and if you have any questions, please contact Jerry Legge at 902- 542-5424. Be there or be square for a night Jazz jams, friends, fun and a terrific Saturday night experience!