Visit an Artist’s Studio on August Long Weekend

Visit an Artist’s Studio on August Long Weekend
By Anna Horsnell

The Annapolis Valley has a well-known reputation for lovely galleries, craft shops, markets, and the special art events marked on our calendars. Another option is to explore behind the scenes with a visit to an artist’s studio, where the ideas and magic of creation come together. Studio Rally can help make that connection between artist and art lover.

Originating in 1992, Studio Rally has evolved over the years from a map of art studios and galleries, to a full-colour printed guide, to its current format as a very active Facebook presence listing often hourly art postings of upcoming exhibits, workshops, special announcements, and more. Marke Slipp has been the person behind the computer screen since 2012, diligently sharing information which he gleans from the art community at large and then posts to the Studio Rally Facebook page.

Slipp knows many of the artists who are open to studio visits. As he explains, “there are no specified hours or locations in this Facebook page because, like their art, every artist is unique in their work schedules and locations. In order to avoid disappointment, it is suggested that you contact them in advance to ensure their presence when you arrive.” The Studio Rally posts generally contain contact information for the particular artists, craftspeople, or galleries involved.

As a special event for readers of The Grapevine, Studio Rally will be promoting local art studios open to visitors over the August long weekend, August 3 to 5. Simply check Studio Rally on Facebook for studio listings in the week leading up to August 3. Local artists who wish to participate are invited to contact Slipp at, or by messaging him via the Studio Rally Facebook page: