Lots of Great Local Reads for Kids

Lots of Great Local Reads for Kids
By Laura Churchill Duke

As the author Beverly Cleary says, children should learn that reading is pleasure, not just something teachers make us do at school.

In the Valley we are blessed with so many great local authors who write books specifically for kids. The best ways to find these books are by asking a librarian at your local library, or by stopping by one of our bookstores. Box of Delights in Wolfville and RD Chisholm in Kentville always carry a great selection of local reads.

Here are some of our favourites for families:

Ron and Susan Lightburn, Coldbrook, have lots of great books including The Pumpkin People and Frankenstink. Written by Helaine Becker and illustrated by Ron, Juba This, Juba That can be found as a storywalk in the Port Williams park.

Lila Hope-Simpson’s Fiddle & Spoons, A Journey of an Acadian Mouse, is great for kids, while her Clothesline Collection has some wonderful parenting stories for adults.

Most people are probably familiar with Doretta Groenendyk. Besides being an artist, Doretta writes and illustrates children’s books. Check out these great titles: I’m Writing a Story, Snow for Christmas, and Hockey Morning, Noon and Night.

Teenagers should take a look at Jan Coates’ A Hare in the Elephant’s Trunk, or Christy Ann Conlin’s Dead Time.

Families should check out Bruce Beaton’s book Little Athletes, Big Leaders. This is a phenomenal book not only for parents of kids who are in sports, but in any activity.

For more great local reads visit the list on valleyfamilyfun.ca/local-authors.