Mike Uncorked: Inner Sun Yoga Special!

Mike Uncorked: Inner Sun Yoga Special!
By Mike Butler

Have you always wanted to try yoga? Here in Wolfville, there are many outlets to give it a whirl. It might be a stretch for you to commit, but what a stretch!

Inner Sun Yoga has been offering classes in Wolfville for over 10 years, and yet, there are still residents who don’t know it exists. Two years after Inner Sun opened they began to offer teacher training to ensure there were teachers with a focus on injury prevention and healing. They have a strong focus on ahimsa, a principle of non-violence towards the earth and all beings with roots in Hinduism and Jainism. For most of Inner Sun’s history they have had their electricity bullfrog powered, so being environmentally responsible is not new.

All of the Inner Sun teachers agree it is time to step up their efforts even more, so all have agreed to teach for FREE the first two weeks of September! Of course, a free-will donation will be accepted, but the classes are being offered for free to those who go.

Owner Carol-Joy Kaill’s classes will be included in the promotion: “It is the same offering for the first two weeks and then half of my class fees for the rest of the month.‎ I am very excited to have this opportunity! People can look for class times and updates at innersunyoga.ca!”

As for other initiatives; Inner Sun offers the lowest cost yoga teacher training each year, with the most experienced teachers in the province. They are very serious about providing yoga that is health-promoting which is why they offer this training to up to 10 students per year. Carol says she is very fortunate to work with dedicated teachers and students committed to self-care, both body and mind, and to also have a family that supports her work.

Inner Sun Yoga is located at 112 Front Street in Wolfville. It’s recommended you follow their Facebook page and check out the website for classes, questions, etc. Take the leap and try a class while they’re offered for FREE in September: meet new friends, challenge your mind and body, and most importantly, have fun!!