Berries & Friends: What’s Growing at U-Picks Around the Valley

Berries & Friends: What’s Growing at U-Picks Around the Valley

Arirang Farms
620 Belcher St, Port Williams, open 9am-6pm
Spray-free blueberries, BYO boxes.

Blueberry Acres
1225 Middle Dyke Rd, Sheffield Mills, open 9am-5pm
902-582-1482 or facebook

Blueberry Land
2111 Hwy 359 Centreville, open 10am-6pm
902-678-4101 or facebook
Spray-free blueberries.

Dempsey Corner Orchards
2717 Hwy 221 Aylesford, open 10am-5pm, closed Sunday
902-847-1855 or facebook
Blueberries, plums, peaches, garden veg, early apples.
$2 farm admission.

Elderkin’s Farm Market
10362 Hwy 1 Greenwich, open 8am-9pm, Sundays 9am-9pm
902-542-7198 or facebook
Blueberries, blackberries, gooseberries, plums, peaches, pears, early apples.

Gates U-Pick
1269 Starrs Point Rd, Port Williams, open 9am-6pm
Apples, pears, pumpkins.

Mac Berry Farms
Raspberries: 9148 Hwy 21 Sheffield Mills
Blueberries: 1279 Sherman Belcher Rd Centreville

Reimer Gardens
2121 Black Rock Rd Waterville, open 8am-8pm Monday-Saturday

Vital Berry Farms
366 Gibson Woods Rd Centreville, open 9am-5pm, closed Wednesdays
Raspberries & grape tomatoes.

Daniels U-Pick
4499 Hwy 14 Windsor Forks, open 11am-6pm

Blueberries are $2-5/pint
Bring your own boxes or buy them on-site.
Hours are often dependent on field conditions.

Have we missed someone? There are so many wonderful farms in the Valley, it can be difficult to keep track! If you know of a U-Pick that isn’t on our list, drop us a line at