Featurepreneur: Kym Bennett of Realm (on Elm)

Featurepreneur: Kym Bennett of Realm (on Elm)
By Genevieve Allen Hearn

Kym Bennett is the owner of the new eclectic shop Realm (on Elm!) and kindly filled this Grapevine writer in on what a boutique “for the Modern Mystic” is all about.

The Grapevine (GV): How do you describe your boutique?

Kym Bennett (KB): Realm is a spiritual space that incorporates elements from many beliefs, cultures, and traditions throughout the world. I consider it an oasis of calm in an otherwise busy world. We lovingly curate a constantly evolving collection of crystals, unique books, oracles, curiosities, metaphysical products, and supplies to bring magic and wonder back into your life. We feature creative consignment items from primarily female artisans and entrepreneurs. We take every opportunity possible to foster community among healers and mystics as well as offer space for treatments, workshops and esoteric, education.

GV: What inspired you to start Realm?

KB: Intuition. Sure, it was always a dream but was very much on the “back burner.” Then one day, shortly after turning 40, the timing seemed right, so I jumped right in! Life is too short, too amazing to waste. Listen to your gut.

GV: Why did you choose to start your business in Wolfville?

KB: I have always loved Wolfville. Moving here felt like destiny, energetically. I have felt at home here and nowhere else. It has small-town charm but is cosmopolitan at the same time. It’s unapologetically progressive. The vibrancy of small business is favoured over corporate blandness. Wolfville is an incredibly fertile and supportive place, creatively and otherwise. It helps that it is multicultural and spiritually evolved. It screams perfect place for this boutique.

GV: Your boutique offers services such as tarot card reading and guided meditation. What would you say to someone who may be new to these concepts, or perhaps intimidated by them?

KB: Part of our goal is to make new concepts less intimidating. We collaborate with experts and make learning fun. As well as laughs, empathy, and comfort, we provide tools for increasing your self-awareness and coping with the demands of everyday life. We encourage people to do what feels right to them but recognize that you still need a guiding hand. We ask that people ask their own questions, do their own research, and receive information with a discerning eye. See for themselves what science has to say and how it is quickly catching up to ancient knowledge.

GV: Everyone encounters obstacles when starting a new business. What propelled you forward when you were faced with challenges?

KB: Honestly, the challenges were astonishingly minimal! Like, in a good creepy way. Of course it helps to have a few close friends who truly want the best for you but I believe it’s all about deciding clearly what you want, taking action every day to achieve it, and being grateful for what you already have. When we function from a gratitude mindset, challenges, obstacles, and problems are diminished and more easily resolved.

You can find Realm at 12 A Elm Avenue in Wolfville or on Facebook facebook.com/realmonelm/