Marie’s Report: Newcomers Gentle Yoga Interest Group

Marie’s Report: Newcomers Gentle Yoga Interest Group
My Marie Mossman

Ever wish you could join a yoga class without buying a wardrobe of tight bottoms and tops, or mysterious belts, blocks, and bolsters? Do you prefer gentle exercise? The coordinator of the Newcomers gentle yoga interest group has organized a new series of ten lessons on Tuesday mornings at a ground-level yoga studio in Wolfville.

A member who plans to return for the new series of classes says, “I found the class non-judgemental and inclusive for people of all abilities, and I hope to improve my range of motion through participation again this fall.” Another enthusiast says about her yoga experience, “I feel like I’ve done something good. I got stretchier.”

Newcomers gentle yoga is led at an easy pace and emphasizes stretching and relaxed breathing. The most important yoga postures and principles are taught.

Over thirty people expressed interest in the new series of classes during sign-up time at the September Newcomers Club. Many of the men or women who signed up are repeat participants, which shows they enjoy their weekly yoga outing. Judging by the level of chatter before, and especially after classes, part of the popularity of gentle yoga is the meeting of new and old friends who have a similar interest.

The studio supplies blocks and bolsters if they are needed, and it also has yoga mats, though you may use your own. The gentle yoga participants wear clothes in which they feel comfortable. Because the class is taught by a career yoga teacher, there is a fee in addition to the general club membership. Like all Newcomers interest groups, the gentle yoga interest group is inclusive.

Look for announcements about monthly meetings of the Wolfville and Area Newcomers club. If you would like to try the Newcomers gentle yoga interest group, contact us through