Who’s Who: Melanie Besemer: Homes Are Where Her Heart Is!

Who’s Who: Melanie Besemer
Homes Are Where Her Heart Is!
By Mike Butler

Melanie Besemer: The lady on the poster on the bike with the flower basket! Clearly you know who I’m talking about right? Well, one day I passed a very cute bicycle on Main Street, Wolfville, complete with a basket full of fresh flowers with Melanie’s photo attached to it, and I knew immediately that I wanted to include her in my Who’s Who column. Let’s go on a ride and learn more about this very busy member of our community!

Melanie was born and raised in a small town in The Netherlands, close to the German border. As soon as she finished high school at 17, she moved to Amsterdam. For those who haven’t visited, Amsterdam is an international city with a rich history and a highly diverse population from 180 different backgrounds enjoying a broad range of arts and culture.

“It was there that I developed a love for good food,” says Melanie. “Every weekend I would bike around the city following an eat-itinerary. I used to be an avid rower, and I also enjoyed studying for my marketing degree. After completing my degree, I worked as a realtor in Amsterdam, followed by a successful corporate career. On a solo backpack trip, I explored Nova Scotia and fell madly in love with my now husband. He grew up in the Annapolis Royal area and after six years of long distance dating, we knew that the Annapolis Valley was the place for us to settle, and the rest is history!”

After working in the financial industry for over 10 years, Melanie managed the North American division of a Dutch financial technologies company. In a nutshell, she helped corporations make the transition to going paperless. She worked from home (Wolfville) and travelled a fair amount, but after having two kids, that lifestyle was no longer sustainable, so she decided it was time to go back to her first love, real estate. So, Melanie got licensed and now works as a realtor for Exit Realty Town & Country, based in Wolfville, next to Willow Park.

And why does she love her job? “As a realtor, you are an independent contractor, which means I run my own business, under the EXIT brand. Being able to build my business in the community I adore is fantastic. I can even bike to my appointments! This real estate season has been incredibly fruitful, and I am very thankful for the positive reception I have received from family, friends, and our community.”

Melanie mentioned, “I follow global trends and apply them to our local market. My background in financial technology, where we always acted ahead of the curve, means that being a first adapter or quick follower is something that is ingrained in me. I am extremely empathetic and always put my client’s needs first and foremost. I am not pushy and will take as much time as my clients need to be comfortable with their decision, and I will not waste anyone’s time.”

Melanie’s job is built on trust. When clients decide to work with her, she makes sure they receive the best of her abilities and she sets them up for a positive and profitable experience. “Me being Dutch helps in the sense that I am a straight shooter,” she says. “Being honest and painting a clear picture of the situation in front of the client helps in navigating the real estate process.” Melanie believes in a collaborative approach towards her clients and works with cleaners, landscapers, carpenters, or contractors to help sell the house. You want buyers to fall in love with your home, and that is why her focus is on the perfect launch, online and offline. Melanie does an A+ job, and it’s reflected beautifully in the pictures taken by her photographer, Krystol Bell.

On her days off, you can find Melanie in the countryside of Port Williams, where she lives with her husband and two young boys. They run a small apple farm and there are always jobs to be done, but when they relax, they love going for bike rides on the Harvest Moon Trail, hanging out on the beach, exploring the woods, or chasing waterfalls. Melanie says the Valley is perfect for her family because of its people, nature, and slower pace of life, and her goal is to become the preferred real estate agent in the Valley!

This estate agent keeps it real by saying, “I have many other personal goals and ambitions but, I like to stay in the moment! Right now, I am focusing on becoming the best at what I do.”

To get a hold of Melanie, check out her website: Melaniebesemer.com and on Instagram @Exitmelanie