Marie’s Report: Newcomers Potluck Dining Group

Marie’s Report: Newcomers Potluck Dining Group

If you like to eat delicious food with congenial people, you’ll enjoy the Newcomers potluck interest group. In the past, the emphasis of the potluck group was on the cooks’ favourite recipes, ones they were experienced in making, whereas the gourmet group’s emphasis was on theme, and recipes were often new to the cooks. At a gourmet dinner, members discussed how to overcome problems with the new recipes and novel ways to present the food.

Today, the main difference is there’s no theme for potluck dinners. The potluck dining group’s goal is pared down to good food among new and not-so-new friends who appreciate the value of eating with others in a friendly atmosphere.

We build community when we eat in a relaxed way with other people. We learn from others, help each other solve problems, hear stories, maintain our conversational skills, share news, and ward off loneliness. Eating with others is even said to improve our digestion.

Potlucks are popular and are held monthly, except for December. Members tell the coordinator if they wish to host, or co-host, a potluck dinner in their home. The friendly and capable coordinator explains the responsibilities of the host. New members are welcome to this group, which is inclusive, as are all Newcomers activities.

Look for announcements about monthly meetings of the Wolfville and Area Newcomers club. If you would like to try the Newcomers potluck interest group, contact us through

Marie Mossman is a member of Wolfville’s “Writers of the Round Table.”