Kings County Museum Events

Kings County Museum Events

Exhibit: Maladies, Remedies, & Pharmacies
The Spanish Flu Pandemic (1918-1920)
Opening October 1, 2019
In 1918, as World War One swept across Europe, a silent and deadly
enemy overtook the entire world. The Spanish Flu Pandemic resulted in the death of between 50 to 100 million people yet it is largely forgotten today. This exhibit explores this catastrophic event and how it impacted the people of Kings County.

TALK: Abandoned RCAF Radar Station BEAVERBANK
Bud Berntson, 111 Wing Dartmouth
Tuesday, October 29, 7:30pm
In 1950 manned bomber raids by the Soviet Union over Nova Scotia were considered quite likely. RCAF Station Beaverbank fulfilled a critical role in the early days of Canada’s and North America’s air defence. RCAF Station Beaverbank occupied a unique location in proximity to Canada’s largest Atlantic seaport and its biggest naval base, making it an important early warning radar base.

Book Launch: More Ghosts Stories of Nova Scotia by Vernon Oickle
Thursday, October 24, 9:45pm

International award-winning journalist, editor, and writer Vernon Oickle is launching his latest book, More Ghost Stories of Nova Scotia. The event will also feature special guests Jerome the Gravekeeper and Lou, Teller of Tales.

“Vernon Oickle’s short vignettes are proof positive that Neil Gaiman was right when he said, ‘fear is a wonderful thing, in small doses.’ These titillating tales will make your spine tingle. While some speak of old tragedies and sorrowful losses, the beauty of these masterfully told anecdotes of ethereal encounters is that they, again quoting Gaiman, ‘can do nothing to hurt us,’ and everything to delight lovers of eerie local lore.”

— Chris Benjamin, editor and author of Indian School Road, Eco-Innovators and Drive-by Saviours.

All events take place at the Kings County Museum, 37 Cornwalllis Street, Kentville. For more information visit