Who’s Who: Guy Paul Thibault

Who’s Who: Guy Paul Thibault
By Mike Butler

For my Who’s Who column, I am never without a wide range of talented people to interview, from the Valley and beyond. The arts community is huge here with artists, writers, and musicians all leaving their mark on our local arts scene. I’ve been very fortunate to learn about so many gifted singers and songwriters this year and here’s another: Guy Paul Thibault.

Guy Paul was referred to me recently by a “friend and fan,” and I couldn’t be happier to be able to share his accomplishments with you. Guy Paul is from Cole Harbour, pretty much one of the few born and bred and still there today. But with a name like “Thibault,” there is a strong, rich Acadian heritage attached to it that Guy Paul is very proud of. His family is originally from the French Shore and Guy Paul has always lived here and hopes he will always be able to live here.

Guy Paul is one of the busiest professional musicians in the province, performing hundreds of shows every year all over the Maritimes. He’s a recording artist, entertainer, singer, songwriter, and has his toes dipped in all musical lakes. You can find him in pubs, bars, resorts, private events, corporate events, weddings, and more. You name the event and chances are he’s played it! Guy Paul’s passion and love of music and performing is quite infectious. His list of accolades is pretty impressive as well. He recently won International Album of the Year from the International Singer-Songwriters Association. The awards show was in August in Atlanta Georgia. He also garnered four outstanding nominations for the Josie awards in Tennessee at the end of September.

When asked about his free time, Guy Paul’s response was reminiscent of most of the musicians I’ve interviewed previously: “when your job IS your hobby it can sometimes be tricky not to burn yourself out, but luckily I LOVE what I do and there are so many aspects of it to play with that keep it all staying fresh and exciting, so it never feels like work, but instead it comes across as more of a professional hobby and great source of enjoyment for me. I am always writing, learning new songs, recording, performing, and thinking of the next great thing to do with my talents.”

Everybody has a goal, both in their personal life and their professional life. Guy Paul aims to continue to make people happy through his music and his performances. He says, “the enjoyment of an audience is such an inspiring thing to me. Whether that be through recording more songs or through my constant live performances, I just wanna make people forget their daily worries and be happy for a while.” Keep an eye out for Guy Paul’s performances and make sure you catch one! His latest single, “Save a Cold One for Me,” is gonna be big and you can find it on all the music media! Best of luck Guy Paul!

Where can you sit back and enjoy Guy Paul’s creations? “You can find my full schedule on my website, that’s the best place to stay updated with where you can find me, hear me, and treat me to a drink after the show!” You can also keep up with Guy Paul on social media like Facebook and Instagram, and find his music on various platforms, including YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, and Google Play.