Marie’s Report: Newcomers Food and Fun Interest Group

Marie’s Report: Newcomers Food and Fun Interest Group

How is this group different from the Newcomers gourmet and potluck groups? Food and Fun is designed for the person who wants to escape cooking. The fun activity may range through joining others to watch a movie at a cinema, hiking to a hidden waterfall, skiing in winter, playing a game of ultimate frisbee, visiting local museums, or carpooling to Halifax to visit Pier 21.

Food and Fun has happened since the early years of Newcomers, and about twenty people intend to participate this year. Turnout for an activity varies from five to twelve. When a member suggests an outing, the coordinator sends an invitation to the whole interest group. He describes the activity, including registration details. Those interested are responsible for their own expenses. When participants arrive at the site, they mention they are Newcomers, so they are seated as a group. A dinner theatre outing to Centre Stage was popular a couple of years ago, as was participation in the Burger Wars put on by local restaurants.

This year, the coordinator is bursting with ideas, and he welcomes further suggestions from group members. He says. “It’s for people who like to play and like it simple. The activities and dining are particularly suitable for single persons who may not want to go alone to a restaurant or movie, especially in the evening.” ‘Come one. Come all’ is his call for inclusiveness. If you don’t wish to participate in a particular activity, you are encouraged to join the group for food at the suggested restaurant or pub. Be sure to check what time the others are expected.

New participants in this interest group are always welcome. To find out more about the Newcomers Food and Fun Interest Group, contact us through

Marie Mossman is a member of Wolfville’s Writers of the Round Table.