FarmWorks – Growing Healthy Businesses and Communities from Field to Fork to Future

FarmWorks – Growing Healthy Businesses and Communities from Field to Fork to Future
By Linda Best

Please join us at 3pm on Sunday, January 26th at Chrismaria Family Restaurant, 8934 Commercial Street, New Minas.

When we eat better, we live better. When we support businesses that help us to eat better, we all do better. Eating food grown here, rather than made from ingredients highly processed to withstand the rigours of a worldwide supply chain, is better for all of us. We can choose, and eat, and cook our way to better health and a more equitable, sustainable food system. We can find the balance between processed and unprocessed and between locally grown and imported.

Many Nova Scotian farmers and producers are having difficulties, not because their food is too expensive, but because many imported foods are produced in countries where low wages or subsidies enable lower costs of production. Money that leaves the province to pay for imported food costs Nova Scotian jobs, communities, the health of people and the environment.

Our agricultural and food production sector (farming, transportation, wholesale/retail, processing, preparation) provides good local food and keeps money in the province, increases employment, builds connections and communities, and improves individual and social health. FarmWorks is providing solutions by assisting agriculture and food producers with money, mentoring, and marketing.

FarmWorks’ Community Economic Development Fund enables Nova Scotians to invest locally. People who buy shares recognize the multiple benefits of investing in farmers and food entrepreneurs, and to date $4.4 million has been loaned to people operating food-related businesses. Nova Scotian entrepreneurs, driven by personal goals and desire to support other local business, are benefiting from the encouragement, mentoring and support provided by fellow Nova Scotians.

FarmWorks Shareholders celebrate the successes of our clients across Nova Scotia. Please join us at Chrismaria Family Restaurant on Sunday January 26 to meet and enjoy food provided by this client.