Who’s Who: Bas the Realm Goddess!

Who’s Who: Bas the Realm Goddess!
By Mike Butler

Welcome to the first Who’s Who of 2020! I made a promise to myself this year to shake things up a bit with my articles and try branching out with subjects to interview, so I can learn a bit more. I’ve had this particular Who’s Who on the back burner for a few months, and thought the première Who of 2020 would be a great fit for the regal, royal, rapturous Realm goddess Bas, Wolfville’s newest and coolest cat.

Bas (short for Bastet) is the ultimate in hairless grace and follicle-deficient beauty. A little history lesson: Bastet, the great Egyptian goddess, was worshipped as early as 2090 BCE. Often depicted as a cat, the goddess helped rule over Babistis with Sekhmet. Both of these rulers had all the qualities of greatness but Bastet often represented the gentler side of power but with a underlying fierceness: sort of like a cat! So Wolfville’s Bastet is doing pretty much the same thing as its ancestors: ruling the Realm with a gentle but firm paw!

Bas purred, “I first graced this world with my presence five months ago near Peggy’s Cove. It’s true I am named after Bastet but I prefer Bas, though I sometimes go by Smudge. Either name works for me as long it’s delivered with poise and admiration! I recently transferred to Wolfville to accept the queen position at Realm on Elm. Every kingdom needs a ruler and I came just in time!”

Bas’s presence at Realm on Elm has stirred quite the pool of admirers near and far. This unique, beautiful, elegant feline has boosted sales, warmed the space, and stolen hearts (and quite possibly some souls, but who’s keeping track?).

Bas mewed, “I’m enjoying working full time and, in case anyone is worried, I’m being home schooled. My responsibilities are to be goddess to the shop and friendly to customers, which comes naturally. I mean, just look at me, I am a goddess. I also oversee the weekly markdowns, and I’m helping with the orders for new shop curiosities. I order you all to come by the shop and visit me, worship me, love me, and pick up a trinket or two!”

Bas is a hardworking cat. Well, her minions do the work, but it’s still tough to rule a store, and soon the world. Even a cat needs a break, so at home Bas likes to torment her fur family, hang out on the warm radiators, walk on keyboards, and chase this one fly that has no business being alive in winter but persists. There’s always a warm blanket, person to cuddle with, and plenty of food service in Bas’s world. It’s a tough life.

“I was brought into the realm of new age, crystals, and consciousness by my Mum who runs the place,” Bas continues, “but I really enjoy certain aspects, like stones that roll, and it’s not like there’s pressure to take over the family business one day.”

I asked Bas what makes them unique, and I gasped when I received my answer:
“What makes me unique? Um, can you see me? I’m a hairless queen, damn it. Also, how many other kittens do you know that hold down full-time gigs? Is there some other gorgeous no-fur shop kitten around town trying to out-goddess me? Where? Let me at ‘em. Let me at ‘em!”

So we changed topics! How about free time?

Bas says, “I spend my free time being spoiled and doted on, and imitating flying squirrels. As for fun, I have a pendulum that I’m currently super into, but if I’m honest, I really get a kick out of the reactions folks have to me. They all love me, even the ones who don’t want to. You can’t help but fall under my enchantment spell. I’m all-powerful. Also I’m obsessed with this heat thing. Do you have heat? I can has heat? Give me your heat! The thing I like here most are the humans of Wolfville and beyond. I love how open-minded, kind, and playful everyone is, and the leaves that blow in through the store door are pretty cool too. As you can see I have complicated beauty but I’m pretty down to earth and simple in my pleasures.”

The future looks bright and bold for this furless queen. 2020 is bound to be filled with a fur-ocious number of naps, a purr-fect portion of business growth, and a paw-tastic time trying to catch that one fly! Bas also wants to establish and claim Wolfville’s Cat of the Year Award, so keep an eye out for that. Bas is also looking forward to seeing the book nerds during Realm’s book sale, and overhearing the fortunes of those who take advantage of their month-long tarot reading specials. You can all worship Bas by following @realmonelm, through Facebook, dropping into the shop, or just at home in your free time. Wishing everyone a cat-aclysmically amazing 2020!