La Dolce Vita: Cool trivia just in time for the Icewine festival

La Dolce Vita: Cool trivia just in time for the Icewine festival
By Kim Cyr

  1. This grape shares its name with a capital/port city of the country of Oman, was loved by Leonardo DaVinci, and is used in Grand Pre Winery effervescent style wine and one of their Icewines.
  2. This grape shares its name with a famous hairdresser, as well as a postmodern American author/wit, and is often used in Nova Scotia Icewine
  3. This port-style wine, made by the Petite Riviere winery, partially shares its name with a famous mouse, and is dedicated to the 5th Canadian Division.
  4. This style of wine before Icewine is often tardy and describes the season of 2019.
  5. Tristen und/et ____, is a Wagner production, Arthurian legend, and the name of Luckett’s Vidal Icewine.
  6. This sappy winter by-product holds a place in our hearts, and is well-used in a Devonian Coast/Gaspereau dessert wine.
  7. This hill is a mountain in the Great Divide, also a word for an architectural ornament, and the site used for Avondale Sky Icewine.
  8. This Neolithic fermented beverage, described as the “nectar of the Gods,” is mentioned throughout history including in Beowulf, and more recently Tolkien and Game of Thrones, and is brought to you by Planter’s Ridge
  9. Perhaps the most famous of Roald Dahl’s, characters, and a movie by Danny DeVito, share this name with Luckett’s Riesling Icewine.
  10. The twinkling of lights shares its name with a Canadian music recording company (who is anything but boring), as well as with the Icewine from Benjamin Bridge winery, if caught at the exact beautiful fleeting moment.
  11. Lightfoot & Wolfville harvested their Icewine on this day, which is also a pagan holiday and the shortest day of the year. Hopefully the harvest went fast, since it was cold out there.
  12. This fruit is the main ingredient of another frozen delight. Both Quebec and Vermont had embraced Ice Cider (Cidre de Glace, sometimes called Cidre de Neige), but there are also a few examples here in Nova Scotia.
  13. This country is the homeland of the original Icewine, borders on eight countries, has dikes on the North Sea and Baltic Coasts to protect its coastline, and has a wine region that is laden with ancient seashells. It is also home to “God’s own grape,” which is used in still, sparkling, and Icewine production here in Annapolis Valley.
  14. A township in Newfoundland, a mention by Longfellow, a nautical term, a landmark, and a myth all share the name of this winery that certainly benefits from a landscape feature symbolic of our natural terroir.

Answers: 1. Muscat, 2. Vidal, 3. Mighty Maroon, 4. Late Harvest, 5. Isolde, 6. Maple, 7. Pinnacle, 8. Mead, 9. Matilda, 10. (Aurora) Borealis, 11. Solstice, 12. Apples, 13. Germany, 14. Blomidon.