Marie’s Occasional Report: A Love Letter to Wolfville

Marie’s Occasional Report: A Love Letter to Wolfville
By Marie Mossman

Why do I love thee, Wolfville? Is it for your beauty, food, and inviting drinks? It could be, but no. I love you, my fair town, for another reason.

Your Acadia students energize my step when I walk among them downtown. In groups or alone, they flash their youthful smiles. Sometimes, they hold a door for me, because they do that sort of thing. In the gym, they interact with all respectfully, young or old, muscled or not, stylish or dressed in faded cotton knits. The students’ fitness instructions, music performances, and dramatic productions enhance life for all persons in and around Wolfville.

Shopkeepers in town learn clients’ names and preferences. If you note a gap in opportunities for entertainment or learning here, you can start an interest group through Newcomers.

Kindness is healthy in Wolfville.

Several years ago, I fell on an icy patch of sidewalk in front of EOS. A lean young man with dark hair and a dark coat stopped beside me. He asked if I was okay, and then offered to help me up. Thank you, stranger. I fell again, another winter, while shovelling my driveway. A small sedan was whizzing by. The driver jammed on her brakes when she noticed my feet fly out from under me. The passenger, brow furrowed, lowered her window to call out: “Do you need help?”
They waited for me to reply, and only then did the two drive on.

One of the librarians at the Wolfville Public Library phoned me:“You left your wallet in a bag at the library.” Thank you, all librarians of Wolfville, for rescuing items left behind, and for your efficient, varied, and pleasantly-provided service to clients.

Yesterday, a barista returned a hearing aid after I inquired if it had been found where she worked. She searched the café without success and then went an extra step. She phoned her employer at his home to inquire about the hearing aid. How many workers would do that for a casual customer? Thank you for your kindness.

Wolfville, you now know I love you most of all for your people, not only the individuals mentioned above, my neighbours and friends, but the vast majority of persons I encounter every day. In Wolfville, chances are Mayor Cantwell will answer his own phone at the Town Hall, and for certain, when you fall down, someone will help you stand up. I love you, Wolfville.

Marie Mossman is a Writer of the Round Table