New Wellness Clinic in Kentville: The Healing Station

New Wellness Clinic in Kentville: The Healing Station
Genevieve Allen Hearn

Main Street Station is certainly shaping up to be quite the service hub in Kentville. You can now drop off your tailoring needs, get a shave and haircut, fill up your cider growler, and then drop by The Healing Station Natural Health Clinic for a massage, or perhaps acupuncture, or a consultation with a naturopath. All these services are offered under one roof by five different health care providers: naturopathic doctor Amy Florian, acupuncturist Sharon Conroy, and registered massage therapists Andrea MacDonald, Tamarah D’Entremont, and Bethany Hayes. Before opening the clinic, they each worked independently from their private homes or offices. This, however, became a bit lonely. They mentioned that the social isolation can lead to burn-out: “We can’t help people if we’re not OK,” says D’Entremont. “We are still our own bosses, but now in the same location,” continues Conroy.

Together, they felt that they could provide better customer service by offering a ‘one stop shop’ for wellness. This enables the women to support each other while also making their services more convenient for clients. They chose to locate in Main Street Station because they saw the work that was going into the revival and modernization of the building. “We support this area and the growth of Kentville,” says MacDonald, “we want it to do well.”

The lobby of the clinic is inviting and calm. There are two loungers, a tea station, and a relaxing vibe to the place immediately upon arrival. “We want people to feel they can stay and enjoy our space after their service,” explains MacDonald.

Down the hall are private rooms where the owners work with their clients. There are two vacant rooms waiting to be filled. “We have room to grow,” says Florian. “We are looking for an osteopath, or someone in mental health, physical therapy, counselling, or food-related services.”

The owners see wellness as a building process. They want people to know that you don’t have to tear everything apart to start doing work. You can start from where you are, in a place that is comfortable for you. “There are a lot of misconceptions about naturopathic medicine and health in general,” according to Florian. “There doesn’t have to be a big overhaul. We are here to help you elevate to the next step.”

A collaborative wellness clinic is not a new concept, and is growing in popularity. When asked why this is, Conroy suggests, “we give people a positive message that people can get well and heal on all levels.” D’Entremont believes that “people are starting to prioritize themselves and do preventative care. We give people a chance to get away from everyday life.”

“#yesyoucan” is the hashtag on their wall when you enter, and that is their main philosophy at The Healing Station Health Clinic. Want to learn more? Yes you can! They are happy to have an initial conversation with you over the phone or through email. Better yet, stop by and see the space for yourself!

Each health care provider has their own contact information, so visit to find out more, or drop by 325 Main Street, Kentville (the former Cornwallis Inn).

Photo, from left to right: acupuncturist Sharon Conroy, naturopathic doctor Amy Florian, and registered massage therapists Tamarah D’Entremont and Andrea MacDonald. Missing: RMT Bethany Hayes.