Making The Right Move During COVID-19

Making The Right Move During COVID-19
Melanie Besemer

What a difference a few months can make. The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the way we live. From the way we buy groceries and stay fit, to the way we earn a living and conduct business, there’s no aspect of our lives that isn’t affected.

Real estate is an essential service and therefore transactions are still taking place, but like all businesses we have made a shift in how we operate. We are taking precautions and have revised our strategies to accommodate our clients. It’s not business as usual, but have you thought about the possibilities? Let’s focus on what we can do!

First and foremost, it is still possible to buy and sell real estate. The current real estate market in the Annapolis Valley is strong. The demand is high, but inventory remains low, making this an excellent time to sell! If you don’t need to act now or would rather hold off until further restrictions are lifted, that may be the best decision for your family. My recommendation would be to stay in contact with a REALTOR® so you can decide when it is your time to make a move.

Videos and 3D mapping allow buyers to do their homework and gather information upfront. If they are local, they can decide to go see a house in person after making sure it meets their criteria. If they aren’t local or just not comfortable to venture out, we can set up a virtual showing. This allows buyers to view the home from the comfort of their own living room together with their own REALTOR®. A virtual showing is done via a video-call, which can be a fun and interactive way to see a home. Your REALTOR® can, for example, open cupboards, take measurements, and give feedback on elements that are important to you. Selling properties virtually is common nowadays.

Not comfortable acting now? No problem. Take this time to prepare.

– Clean, clean, and clean. Yes, you should wash your windows. After our long winter there will be build-up in the corners of your windows so get that old toothbrush out and start scrubbing!

  • Purge and declutter. Buyers are going to look in your closets and kitchen cupboards. Having things tidy will help them to see things clearly and will make moving easier for you later.
  • Fix little things like dripping taps, missing baseboards, loose doorknobs. You want your house to stand out from the rest so strive for an A+ impression.
  • Depersonalize. Buyers like to envision themselves in a house and not get distracted by your family pictures or personal items on the fridge.
  • Patio and garden. Patios are a sought-after amenity making them a valuable addition for most homes. Make sure garden beds are tidy, yard work is done and add patio furniture for more comfort.

– Plan ahead. Come up with a strategy together with your REALTOR® to get a feel for when the timing is right for YOU to make a move. And I can’t say this often enough: talk to your mortgage provider or broker! With interest rates at a record low, you might be able to afford a bit more than you initially thought.

  • Save up for a down payment. You will need at least 5% of the sale price of a home. First time home buyers with a modest income could qualify for a down payment assurance program (DPAP).

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