Mike Uncorked: Some Sweet Sweet Landscaping!

Mike Uncorked: Some Sweet Sweet Landscaping!
Mike Butler

Riley William Sweet is the young man behind R.W. Sweet Landscaping, a fresh new business starring a fresh new entrepreneur, and customers have been singing his praises since his business started a year ago. Riley is from Gaspereau Mountain. He graduated from Horton High School in 2016, and while he was a student, he worked summers on his grandfather’s beef farm learning what hard work really is.

Riley decided to take a year off in 2017 to work full-time on a local dairy farm. “I thought I was going to be a farmer (and I still might who knows),” Riley says. “However, I knew I needed a post-secondary education, so I decided to try landscaping and horticulture at NSCC Kingstec. It turns out I liked that kind of work, and my instructors were awesome, so that field (ha ha) was a nice fit for me. I graduated from Kingstec and I started the business in May 2019, the day after classes ended. A rolling stone gathers no moss, so I felt diving right into the business was the best thing for me and I haven’t looked back!”

“My favourite part about landscaping,” he says, “is when a client is really happy about a finished product, like a new lawn, garden, or patio. It makes their day which makes mine, but my favourite job is mowing lawns; getting the line designs just right. My goals for the business would be to have personal growth as the company grows. Whether it means I need to hire a helping hand or purchase an extra mower or truck, I want to be able to justify that and do whatever it takes to serve my customers better. I don’t want to get too big too fast as it’s not sustainable in this industry, both financially and personally. It’s about finding a happy spot between personal life and business life.”

So, for some sweet Sweet Landscaping on your property, give Riley Sweet a jingle and see the results of a talented young mind who loves the outdoors and making it a more beautiful place to be.

For help with lawn mowing, snow removal, sod and hardscape installations, painting, mulching, or waste removal, give Riley a call or shoot him an email at rileysweet1919@gmail.com or 902-670-4247 (call or text).