Who’s Who: Geof Turner

Who’s Who: Geof Turner
There’s No Place Like Nova Scotia

Dear World,

Hi, my name is Mike Butler and I write for The Grapevine here in beautiful Wolfville, Nova Scotia. Sorry things in your…um, world…are a bit “off” right now but I have some great news! I recently met this really awesome man who is motivated to make YOU better and I want to tell you about him.

Geof Turner was born in Kentville and raised in Steam Mill, where 7 generations of his family have resided. His dad was a teacher and principal for 40 years here in the Valley and his mom was a stay-at-home mom raising three boys. They’re as Valley as strawberry shortcake and grapenut ice cream! Geof studied sociology and economics at Acadia and he’s now married with two beautiful daughters. He’s also one of the most pleasant people on the planet!

Geof’s involvement in the “Valley world” is really why I’m writing to you. He currently works at Canada Post in the Kentville office. You can often see him at the retail counter where he’s been for about 25 years. He’s been a true community member with his pleasant demeanor and great care for his customers.

A few years ago he and his wife were home stay coordinators for the Nova Scotia International Student Program for the Kentville/ NKEC area. They had a wonderful time meeting families in the area and helping to bring students from different cultures to our community.

Geof is also a history enthusiast and he’s gathering information on people, past and present, that do extraordinary things in our area. He’s a member of the The Charles Macdonald House of Centreville Society and he spends a lot of time researching and embracing history. The need to recognize these people and celebrate their achievements is a huge passion for Geof. Without our history, how do we learn to grow and make the future brighter, right?

Geof has also dabbled in the local theatre and TV acting scene, appearing in many local productions, including PureCall me Fitz, and Haven. We have such a rich arts community in the Valley and beyond, and Geof certainly does his share to be involved.

You created a good egg here world and I’m excited to tell you about Geof’s BIG music project. It’s a fundraising song called There’s No Place Like Nova Scotia, which is a reimagined version of the iconic folk song, Farewell to Nova Scotia. About seven years ago while doing his post route, Geof reimagined a more positive spin on the beloved classic tune, where the sun is rising and a brand new day is beginning! With the help of his brother George, they wrote the new lyrics and music and it’s evolved over the years to become a wonderful anthem for the beautiful people and places of Nova Scotia.

Now, World, I love you most of the time but 2020 has been a gut-wrenching, brain-hurting disaster. Nova Scotia has taken a major kick to the head and we’ve been tested on all levels and come out on top. I hope you’re proud of us! Geof has been looking for the ultimate way to use his song’s positivity for the greater good. So, following the tragic events in April with the shootings in our province, Geof contacted the Red Cross and they were more than happy to endorse his song to raise awareness and funds for this cause.

Geof went through Tunecore, who put the song on iTunes and Spotify and with the help of the Kentville Lions Club, of which Geof is a member, the song has become a hit, but the more listens, purchases, and funds raised the better! You see World, something positive has developed!

I’m gonna end this correspondence with you by quoting the great Geof Turner himself. On our first meeting, which I am proud to say will turn into many more as we’ve become fast friends, I asked Geof what he loves most about the Valley: “I love everything about the Valley,” he immediately replied. “Of course it’s home, I’ve lived here my whole life. It’s where I grew up, where my friends and family are. There’s so much to do here, from hiking Cape Split or the Harvest Moon Trail, to camping at Blomidon! We live in such beauty, alongside the highest tides in the world! Our farmers produce the best food! So much variety! The entrepreneurial spirit is very much alive and flourishing here! For generations people have figured out how to live here and thrive. Entrepreneurs, by their very nature are extremely optimistic! The wineries, cideries, micro breweries, eateries, live theatre at Centre Stage and Two Planks, the Ghost Walks with Jerome, Deep Roots, all the community festivals! Why would I want to live anywhere else?”

So, World; I know lately we’ve been dealt some poor hands and you’ve received some major flack. I just wanted to let you know that you are still filled with good things, good places, and great people! Thank you World, for Geof, and all the other Geofs out there! Take a listen to There’s No Place Like Nova Scotia and you’ll see it’s all right here!


Mike Butler