Get your APAS Music Pass ASAP!

The Acadia Performing Arts Series’ MUSIC CLUB launched August 20!
By François Côté

The APAS had an amazing 2020-21 Series in store, ready to be officially released last April. Obviously, the pandemic put all of this on hold, and we eventually had to cancel the whole season.

Now, until we can safely present live performances again, we are excited to launch the online APAS Music Club!

Through the Club, we want to offer a platform on which we can maintain and expand our community of music lovers. We hope to keep our longtime subscribers connected, and we invite new members to Join The Club.

Every month, from September to May, we will curate on average 10 videos of world-class performances and post them on an exclusive platform for our members to enjoy and discuss, book-club style. We will stagger their posting and have scheduled “watch parties” for each. These broadcast-quality videos will then remain on the platform for members to watch and discuss at their own convenient time.

Out of these 10 monthly performances, in general, we hope to post at least three original/exclusive productions. These will be either produced by APAS or purchased by APAS for free viewing by Club members. Others will be curated among the world’s best performances, mostly from Youtube or Vimeo, and posted for our members to watch and discuss.

What kind of music to expect:
The focus will be on the musical genres that have been at the core of the Performing Arts Series’ programs over the years: orchestral music, chamber music, operatic and choral music, ballets, and also multi-media, multi-genres, jazz, and “world music”. We will introduce performances by iconic singer-songwriters as well as performances by some of our region’s very best artists in a variety of genres. We will also present online a few of the performances that were to be part of our 2020-21 live Series. One underlying criteria: World-class performances with broadcast-quality production.

Full-year membership to APAS Music Club is only $50 (tax included). It can be purchased online through the Acadia Box Office (

ALL membership revenues will go directly to the production or purchase of original/exclusive performances for the Club.

We are looking forward to sharing a whole world of wonderful music with you!