Cluny Maher: The Hound is Loose

Nova Scotia Landscapes in oil, watercolour, and graphite

Cluny Maher: The Hound is Loose is currently on view at Harvest Gallery in Wolfville. The show runs until October 11.

Cluny Maher was born in 1941 in Frampton, Dorchester County, south of Quebec City in the province of Quebec. After receiving a Bachelor of Arts (1963) and a Bachelor of Education (1964) from Loyola College in Montreal, he taught for twelve years in the public school system. In 1973 he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Sir George Williams University (Concordia).

In 1977 he moved to Nova Scotia with his family and a year later settled in Tupperville in the Annapolis Valley. This beautiful rural landscape continues to be an inspiration. He has exhibited and sold his work in several locations throughout the world. He continues to live in Tupperville with his wife, Elizabeth and their two cats.

“For the past 40 plus years I have travelled throughout rural Nova Scotia, especially in the Annapolis Valley, attempting to capture the gentle beauty that abounds. Nova Scotia does not have the Rocky Mountains, the Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls, yet visitors keep returning to experience its seductive beauty.”

Cluny counts himself as privileged, not only to live here, but to spend his time on the back roads in pursuit of the elusive magic revelation which is always around the corner or over the next hill. “Across stream and field I go…as my wife Elizabeth says, “the hound is loose!”

“Through my painting I am attempting to express, in a personal way, my reaction to the landscape in which I live. It is my hope that each painting captures a bit of the visual excitement, at times dramatic but more often of a quiet pastoral nature which abounds in rural Nova Scotia. The old homesteads and wooden barns and the uncluttered vistas and twisting country roads are a dwindling resource along the eastern seaboard of our continent.

His landscapes have been attributed with tender, meditative qualities. They glow. Softly dramatic and passionate in their interpretation, the paintings evoke a feeling as much as a place in time. Thoughtful brushstrokes are applied with a deep understanding. We are captivated by those universal moments that are the very essence of the rural landscape. Rich oils, wonderfully fluid watercolours and skillful graphite drawings—this is the art of the pre-eminant painter, Cluny Maher.

September 12 – October 11
Harvest Gallery, Wolfville
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