Mike Uncorked: Burial Grounds Care Society: From the Ground Up!

By Mike Butler

The Burial Grounds Care Society are the leaders in preserving history and legacy here in the Valley, and I am so excited to feature them here in The Grapevine.

The five people who created the Burial Grounds Care Society, along with other helpers, saw a need for cemetery research and restoration in Kings County. They since have done just that. Now, with 15 sites under their belts, the research and preservation is in full swing, with no signs of stopping.

Why is there such a Society here in the Valley? Well the members feel its important to respect those who came before us, and preserve their burial
places, including any stories, as markers of past lives. There are tremendous elements of fun, intrigue, honour, and reflection as the team uncovers, repairs, and studies the burial grounds in their paths.

“Some of us concentrate on the physical aspects of grave site preservation,” says one member, “others are more clerical, doing research, and we are always seeking community involvement before, during, and especially after a site has
been restored. It’s always a hope that someone in the community will take it on.”

Besides the hands-on Burial Ground Care Society work, many members have written for the papers under “Written In Stone,” and they help with a bi-annual antique show and sale which gives the society their major funds for operation.

In 2018 the Burial Grounds Care Society received recognition from Keith Irving, MLA Kings South, as outstanding members or our community. It was a very proud moment for a group that few know exist here in our county.

One member notes: “We are aware of similar needs in other counties and are willing to explain the 5W’s of our organization in the hopes others can start their own similar societies in caring for their neglected and abandoned burial grounds. We have mailboxes at several sites where folks can leave comments and feedback, T-shirts are coming, sign boards for Poor Farm cemeteries, and we are currently working on a map to show where the Kings County cemeteries are located.”

Feel like getting involved? The Burial Grounds Society are always looking for new members to help, especially with the compute side of things. If you want to be a part of history, contact JoAnne Bezanson at canaryjo54@gmail.com. Their monthly meetings are usually held at the Kings County Museum, Kentville, every second Tuesday of the month at 7pm. During these uncertain times, please check the Facebook page for more details.