Support Moms in Motion this Holiday Season

As we are all aware, the holiday season will be even more challenging than usual this year. As some of us prepare for a holiday season at home, others are struggling to make ends meet. Therefore, this year we want to create an opportunity for women to support women.

We invite you to support Moms in Motion this holiday season by donating to the Holiday and Heating Funds. Moms in Motion supports the most vulnerable in our community: new moms and their kids who are living on the margins of poverty. Moms and their kids learn about staying healthy and active while enjoying a safe, supportive environment in a community-based recreational setting. However, the holiday season and winter months are one of the most challenging times for these moms, as they navigate the holiday season and pay bills in the new year.

You can help by donating to:

The Holiday Fund: Donations will be used to purchase gift cards for moms to be able to shop for gifts and food for their family this holiday season. Gift cards are a Covid-19 safe option, but more importantly, they allow moms to choose what is most important for them and their families. Donate by Sunday, December 13!

The Heating Fund: Donations will be used to support moms in covering heating and other household bills during an often forgotten about, but especially difficult time of year: the months following December. Donate by January 1!


Both funds may also go towards purchasing essential items that are often unaffordable, including food, Children’s Tylenol, and feminine hygiene products.

You can donate by e-transfer to or by cash donation by calling or emailing Alisha at or at 902-694-3057 to coordinate a time for us to collect your donation. In your e-transfer, please note if you would like your donation to go to the Holiday Fund, the Heating Fund or both (not tax-deductible).

Together, let’s make holiday magic!
Thank you so much, in advance, for your donation!