Sewing the Seeds of Hope in Zimbabwe

By Kate MacInnes Adams

The Give Hope School Project is launching a special project. Sewing machines in both Nova Scotia and Zimbabwe are busy stitching hope for the children of Nyamuwanga. Here in the Annapolis Valley, a dedicated group of women have been busy sewing gift bags and coasters from African fabric. Across the seas in Zimbabwe a seamstress was hired by the society to sew pandemic masks for the children of the Nyamuwanga Primary School.

Wolfville’s Spiwe Karipache-Scoggins, a passionate advocate for education, is the co-founder of the registered charity Give Hope School Development Project. Spiwe attended the Nyamuwanga Primary school as a child. Since immigrating to Canada, Spiwe has gathered donations and returned regularly to her homeland with these funds for the school. The Development Project is helping to bring hope to the children of Nyamuwanga. Since its inception in 2011 the project has funded tuition and the purchase of books and uniforms, and now pandemic masks for the children.

This year the pandemic posed a special challenge to the Society. The narrowing of fundraising options due to Covid-19 restrictions has impacted fundraising efforts. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of these bags and coasters will go to support the education of the children of Nyamuwanga, Zimbabwe. Bags are $5 and coasters (set of 2) are also $5. All donations to the Society over $20 receive an official tax receipt.

Please check our Facebook page for more information about where gift bags are available, and how to donate to the project: