Mike Uncorked: VIVEAU Headline Juice

By Mike Butler

A while back, a very nice gent named Nick MacDonald popped into TAN Coffee to say hi and introduce me to an awesome new product called VIVEAU. Have you ever been introduced to something or someone and then, everyday that follows, you SEE this product or person? That’s what happened with myself and VIVEAU! And what a great sight to see!

VIVEAU is a refreshing juice that was created to fill a significant gap in the market and it’s a product you simply have to find and try! The founders, Ted Grant and Hanspeter Stutz, couldn’t find a full-flavoured sparkling water that contained real ingredients with no added sweeteners or preservatives, and so they decided to make their own. Working with local farmers in the Annapolis Valley, they found the perfect balance between fruit and water. You might know the name Hanspeter Stutz from the Domaine de Grand Pre winery, and trust me, he makes flavoured sparkling water just as superior as his wine!

Since launching in September 2019, the response to VIVEAU has been nothing short of amazing! “In less than one year,” Nick MacDonald says, “we’ve taken VIVEAU across the country with Sobeys and Safeway stores—and its just the beginning—we have also secured Costco, Loblaws, Metro, IGA, and Needs. Our biggest accomplishment to date is our launch in Costco stores across Atlantic Canada. When the fifth most valuable retail brand in the world, COSTCO, loves it and lists it, it is not only meaningful, it’s a true ‘pinch me’ moment – one that every company in the grocery/retail industry dreams of!” So keep an eye out at Costco the next time you’re all buying up bulk tuna, toilet paper, and socks!

So, again, why is VIVEAU so incredible? Well, with the multitude of juices and sparkling waters out there, this product is local, natural, tasty, and refreshing and the source is from right here at home! Flavoured from the orchard, not the lab, their unique 50/50 blend of sparkling mineral water and fresh-pressed fruit is of the highest quality for their customers and the families they serve. “What makes us unique is we use 50% fresh pressed fruit in every one of our products and refuse to use fruit from concentrate,” Nick continues. “Not only that, we also know exactly where all of our fruit is coming from and take pride in knowing all of our fruit farmers by name!” VIVEAU is a true celebration of Canadian agriculture and you will not be disappointed. Another fantastic product that we can be so proud of from right here in the Annapolis Valley!