Mike Uncorked: Jay Malone and his Virtual Comedy Show!

Mike Butler

It’s February: Love Month! Let’s discuss one of my absolute loves: COMEDY! The beautiful art of laughter, jokes, farce, and fun has been a staple of my upbringing and adult life and I am very excited to tell you how to shed some winter blues with a Valley comedian and his unique way of pivoting with laughter.

Jay Malone, whom I’ve known for over twenty years, has always loved making people laugh. “It’s the best thing you can do for someone to make them feel better that doesn’t require years of education,” he says. “I also really love the mechanics of laughter. I like popping the hood and tinkering inside. I like trying to figure out the perfect wording of a piece of material. Comedy is like poetry that way. The best words in the best order…that make you wet your pants. Every comedy set is a love affair that could go horribly wrong at any second but it’s just too fun to stop and I’m quite happy I fell into it”

Jay grew up in the Valley but was “schooled” in Toronto, meeting and being influenced by lots of funny people. He learned how to perform, become a performer, and work the audience with the right material. It’s a brilliant art form and Jay is a wonder to watch!

As we’ve all experienced, 2020 was a bit of a dumpster fire but Jay kept smiling and shining. “I became a home school teacher for a few months,” he says. “That’s not something I expected to happen in my life. And with a four, five, and six year old you can imagine that pivoting provided its challenges. My wife is also in school, on her way to becoming a nurse, so I took over a lot of the daily duties with the precious spawn, while also attempting to provide them an education. Which, as it turned out, ended up being some online yoga, reading, and simple number and memory work tossed in on hiking days. It really wasn’t as bad as I like to say on stage, though I’m happy now to finally have the time to get back to doing what I do and leaving the teaching to the wonderful (and trained) human beings at their school!”

I am a bit theatrical and have been missing the stage and live audience atmosphere this past year. For Jay, it’s equally difficult because you feed off that connection and audience energy. Well, now he has taken the latest in technology and created a virtual comedy show that you can enjoy in the comfort of your home with family and friends.

From his office in Berwick, Jay is crafting shows for groups to watch at home with their bubbles. All you do is contact Jay, register, get a link, and you’re set up to laugh and enjoy a fun night of comedic gold. He says: “If someone sees my show and wants to hire me to perform or speak to their group at a private online event I make sure to chat with them directly well beforehand so we can go over the specifics and I know going in who my audience is. I can easily tailor an hour of comedy for pretty much any group in the English-speaking world old enough to access the wifi without their parents’ permission.”

“The good thing with my material is that it’s very inclusive,” Jay says. “I pretty much just throw myself under the bus, which most people seem to enjoy. Oh I’ll make fun of your virtual background a bit, but then I’ll give you the embarrassing details of my most intimate life moments in order to make you laugh as hard as I can, so no one ever really gets upset at my show. You may shake your head and wonder how I ever got this far in life, but you’ll take no offense. I mean who doesn’t enjoy watching a grown man freely admit to the many aspects of his own failings?”

This is such a unique venture and something very special to have in our Valley, so please get ahold of Jay and sprinkle some joy around your bubble. Visit jaymalone.com, register for a show, and invite as many people as you’d like – there’s plenty of room in the digital space!

All the best Jay and thanks for keeping the Valley in stitches while we adapt to our new world. It’s much appreciated!