ArtCan Gallery and Café is Celebrating 20 Years in Canning

With lots going on to kick off this milestone year we have a new exhibition in the gallery, several studio art classes and a fully stocked art store! Our passion for art and cultivating creativity is inspired by the community around us and has led ArtCan to evolve into the place it is today.

Chef Michaela Hayes brings her own artistry to the kitchen with a delicious lunch menu of soups, salads, paninis, and homemade sweets. Influenced by the abundance of fresh and local produce in the Valley, Michaela takes care in creating unique dishes from scratch, both to enjoy in the cafe and to look forward to at home. ArtCan catering offers soups, curries, and homemade jams and chutneys, as well as sourdough bread made fresh to order.

Ron and Michaela are excited to have Leah Visser join their staff. She is a recent graduate in marketing at Mount Saint Vincent University and a wonderful artist. Attracted to ArtCan by it’s creative energy, Leah has thoroughly enjoyed meeting the community of artists, students and customers while assisting in planning an exciting year of events and art shows ahead.

We’re featuring local artists in the gallery this year, including photographer Dick Groot, artist and art educator Mary Blatherwick, and painter Simone Labuschagne. In the gallery until April is owner and artist Ron Hayes’ plein air watercolour exhibition entitled “Wanderlust.” The impetus for this new exhibition came about when Ron was reflecting on this unique time and our restrictions on travel. If we cannot go away perhaps we can have an experience through his paintings from various locations. The paintings themselves are not particularly made for exhibiting but are spontaneous impressions as a part of his personal journal: 100 paintings from 20 countries spanning 35 years of travel.

Photo credit: Leah Visser painting, photographed by Ron Hayes.