Art Spot: Connie Veinotte

WHO: In a few sentences, please tell us about yourself:
I am a long-retired teacher. I am active in my church and community (Health Auxiliary). I am concerned about the environment and issues surrounding poverty. I walk and exercise to keep fit.

WHAT: What is your artistic medium? How did you come to this style?
I paint in watercolours and sometimes acrylics. I started painting in oils but when I moved to Wolfville in 1984, local painting groups seemed to be mostly using watercolours so I made the switch.

WHERE: Where do you work & where can we find your work?
I am currently painting at home but before Covid I was painting with a group. This is my first solo exhibit. In the past I have displayed paintings at Valley Regional Hospital.

WHEN: At what point did you define yourself as an artist? At what time of day do you work on your art?
I am an amateur painter so I find it difficult to call myself an artist. I still think of myself as an “artist-wanna-be!” I paint whenever I have the urge – I usually have a couple of paintings “in the works.”

WHY: Why art? Why your art? Why the Annapolis Valley?
I have, from a young age, enjoyed drawing. A school history project caught the attention of my teacher who encouraged me to try painting and that’s how it all began! I have lived in parts of the Annapolis Valley most of my life so it is my home. I enjoy the landscape and try to paint it in all its glory in all seasons.

Connie Veinotte’s paintings are on display at the Wolfville Memorial Library, 21 Elm Avenue, throughout March and April.