April is Oral Health Month: Amber-Rose Harvey, New Minas Dental Centre


The New Minas Dental Centre is celebrating one of their own! Dental assistant Amber-Rose Harvey has been with the Centre for nearly four years. Hired as a new grad, she is grateful to have been given the opportunity to embark on her career and gain valuable experience.

Patient care is top of mind for Amber-Rose, and her goal is to educate and engage with them in meaningful ways. “To me, a great patient experience is keeping the patients smiling, even if they are scared or afraid, and making them comfortable,” she says. “Part of that is talking with them and really getting to know who they are.”

She’s passionate about the transformations she sees in patients when they come in for services: “Since I’ve started, I’ve learned so much about Invisalign(R) and I love seeing the increased confidence and self-esteem of our patients when they’ve completed their treatment.”

We asked her what she would do with a magic wand, and her response was a noble one: “I would use my magic wand for universal dental insurance or coverage of some kind. Everyone deserves to be able to have the best possible smile.”

Her advice for dental professionals starting their careers? “Keep your chin up. It’s going to be scary and overwhelming at first, but the rush, the love for the job, and the patients will make it all worth it.” She adds, “Be eager to learn, upgrade your skills, and always keep moving forward!”