Who’s Who: Stephanie Battams A Cut Above the Rest!

Mike Butler

I love puns, and I will try my best not to fill this Who’s Who article with puns! That’s my disclaimer as I navigate telling you about a gem of a local. This wonderful woman is a shear delight and I am honoured to finally feature her hair…I mean HERE! It’s early in the article, trust me, the hair puns will make sense soon!

Stephanie Battams was born and raised in Calgary (those are her roots), attained a cosmetology license while in high school, and then moved to Nova Scotia with her five-year-old daughter on a leap of faith for a more satisfying life. Nova Scotia definitely delivered even more than she could have imagined. You could say that Nova Scotia was a breath of fresh hair!?

Years ago, Stephanie began operating a mobile hair salon business called Homestead Hair. “My aim is to assist in the emotional and mental needs of my clients,” she says, “by giving quality hair salon services and heartwarming conversation, all in the comfort of their own home. I take great pleasure in serving the autism community, hospitals, nursing homes, and individuals who benefit from mobile salon services. It’s a business that gives me tremendous honour by being welcomed into peoples homes and revolves around not just meeting my clients’ hair needs, but also uplifting their spirits.”

Stephanie’s services are not something to just brush off either, as her clients have been raving about her genuine nature, her quality technique, and the beautiful light she radiates, but it’s not all hairdos and quick trims for this busy lady. Stephanie’s stay-at-home hobbies are painting and drawing and lots of time shared with her daughter. “We have great fun checking out all the farmers’ markets and local artisans,” she says, “we also do lots of hikes in the woods and along the dykes and love chasing waterfalls. One of the greatest pastimes is just simply being out in the community, or joining in community gatherings. Nova Scotia has this beautiful sense of interwoven connectedness in people, who thrive in being communal, supporting one another, embracing their culture, and enriching the environment around them for a more loving space for people to live in. Who wouldn’t want to be out enjoying that?”

And having known Stephanie (and her beautiful daughter) for a while now, its clear to see how much they love the community. This has been a tumultuous year for businesses, and if you were like me, during the pandemic when all you wanted was a haircut Stephanie was a life saver, a confidence booster, and a mental health angel to many. This area has proven a great shift for Stephanie as she mentioned, “I love the people best in this area, I love walking into my favorite coffee shop and seeing familiar faces every morning, I love how supportive this community has been in making my business successful, I love how close and tight knit everyone is, not only in a literal sense but also in a heart sense. There’s a network of people out here, who are all somehow united which creates a village of people who have a deeper sense of connection and that’s really special to me.”

And the future has a hold like a strong gel for Stephanie as she aims to serve as many people in the Valley as possible with her in-home hair salon services to bring about a higher standard of self-care, where people aren’t just getting their needs met, but are being showered with joy, attentiveness, and love. “My greatest ambition,” she says, “lies in purchasing land where I can have a life led by self-sustainability, farm life, and housing people in need: a homestead life.”

Stephanie is truly a cut above the rest! Become part of the hair and now, condition yourself with better service, and call Stephanie to book an appointment at 902-599-3887.