The Flower Cart Group Continues Building Opportunities Campaign

New facility will cost approximately $5.8 million.
Wendy Elliott

Work With Purpose: 50 Years of Supported Training and Employment in the Annapolis Valley sets out the history behind the New Minas centre. Author Jim Prime has set down many of the personal stories that led to the creation and growth of the social enterprise and vocational training centre, which makes it a good read.

The Flower Cart is about 75 percent of the way toward a state-of-the-art, purpose-built, and accessible new facility. After five decades, all of the social enterprises and programming will be under one roof not too far from current headquarters.

Campaign co-chair Ramona Jennex says persons with disabilities and complex barriers to employment are ordinary people who have relationships, families, dreams and aspirations just like all of us in the community. “The Flower Cart Group provides an inclusive place and opportunities to realize dreams and work towards goals by providing meaningful vocational programs and real waged employment.”

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