Apple Blossom Season

Chelsey Stailing

The early settlers from Europe introduced the sweet scent of apple blossoms to the Annapolis Valley as they brought new seeds, grains, fruits, and vegetables to the region.

Here in the Annapolis Valley, we usually celebrate the arrival of the apple blossoms with a grand festival enjoyed by many across Nova Scotia. The very first Apple Blossom Festival parade was hosted in the town of Kentville in 1933.

The first organizers of the festival intended for the event to recognize the natural environment of the Valley and the historic background of the apple growing industry. The intention was to provide an opportunity to foster and develop local cultural talent through participation in festival events. In present day the festival showcases a variety of local businesses while continuing to promote local cultural talent, and highlights the area’s natural environment.

Community involvement in the festival has always been its strength. Due to COVID-19 we will not be holding the annual festival in 2021, but the beauty of the apple blossoms that surround the Annapolis Valley will always remind us of the strength of the community, especially during this time.

As a community, we will start to blossom in the spring and like the apple in the fall, our hopes will come to fruition after all.

Image courtesy of Chelsey Stailing.