Margot’s Hidden Gems: Silver Lake

Margot Bishop

On route 221, there is a tiny little hidden gem that is free for one and all. Silver Lake in Lakeville, NS, can be reached by several different roads, but the address of Silver Lake Beach is 585-569 Lakewood Rd.

Silver Lake is a glacial “kettle” lake, formed when a pocket of ice broke off a glacier and stayed embedded in the sediment. When the ice melted, it formed a “kettle,” which either fills with ground water or is fed from a stream. It is shallow around the edges, but is 14-19 metres deep in the centre, according to the last survey. Locals used to say that it was bottomless—as an old story tells of a wagon falling through the ice one winter and never a trace was found of passengers, horses or driver.

It also used to be called ‘leech lake’, but due to salt blocks and stocking the water with trout I have not seen any for 10 years.

There is a parking area and some grass, even a “port-o-potty,” put there by the municipality. You must take your own chair as none are provided. Also please put your trash in the containers or take it home with you. The ground slope is gradual and children can play in the shallows and try to catch some minnows.

More people are discovering this hidden gem in their backyard, and swimmers and kayakers are increasing each season. Just be careful on the far right, away from the entrance. That is where the fishermen sit and cast and you do not want to be ‘snagged’ by someone’s hook.

This is a lovely place to get away from the crowds that are on other more populous beaches. Remember to stay safe and have fun this wonderful summer season.