Who’s Who: Sehkahnee Reynolds

Mike Butler

Sehkahnee Reynolds is the coolest, let’s just get that out of the way! He is a barber and owner of Sehkahnee’s Ascension Hair Grooming and Accessories shop in Wolfville, but he’s so much more! Sehkahnee’s is THE place to get a smooth fade and to chill out while getting spruced up.

Sehkahnee Reynolds is a Jamaican-Canadian who grew up in Toronto. He was raised as an athlete, and that’s why he came to Nova Scotia: “I was offered a scholarship to play ball at Acadia. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in sociology, came here after my year at Champlain College, where I took fine arts.”

Sehkahnee is big nerd who loves comics, reading, martial arts, and pushing his body to higher levels. His profession is businessman, and his aspirations are not limited to being a barber. He also loves community outreach and his goal is to have time to do the things he loves without worrying about a paycheck. Besides making us look fantastic, Sehkhanee has been working on something special. “Hopefully once things open back up,” he says, “I’m looking to partner with VANSDA and do a couple workshops. Focused on the African Canadian population of the Valley, community members will be able to participate in a three-part series of cultural self-care practices infused with Black empowerment. The program is open to all ages and gender demographics and will take place over the course of three weekends in 2021. Stay tuned!”

Community has always been important to Sehkhanee and he is not shy to praise our area for the good things but certainly will comment on the things that need work, which is what we need. “I wish there was more cultural events in our area,” he says. “Just to give a different perspective to the vast variety of cultures we have in our town. Eventually it would be nice to have mini-festivals that bring us all together to celebrate. There’s some, but I feel there’s not enough for those who come to visit and study here.” When asked what he loves most about this area, he says: “The peace! Hands down this is the first time you can really leave the doors open in your car without having to stress. You don’t get that often, especially being from the big city. Even in Jamaica you have to lock up your things. You can walk down the street and not worry about a soul. You go to work and people mind their own business. It’s refreshing and wonderful!”

When he’s not fading in and out of the barbershop (it’s a hair joke), you can find Sehkhanee reading, dancing (he’s a master DJ), riding his motorcycle, being as physically active as possible, and doing all the things that make him feel good.

And what does the future hold? “I want to travel, and take care of my family and community. We’re now back in the shop and that’s a second home to me. Its more than just a place to get your hair cut, for some people it’s therapy. I hope to be an encouragement for all young entrepreneurs, especially from the Afro-Caribbean-Canadian community.”

Sehkhanee Reynolds is certainly already a genuine cut above the rest! You can follow Sehkahnee on Instagram and Facebook, and stop by the shop at 12 Central Avenue in Wolfville, or call the shop at 902-542-5251.

Photo courtesy of Mike Butler.