Featurepreneur: Dreams of Denim

Genevieve Allen Hearn

The owners of Ametora Supply, Alex and Margaret Pearson, recently moved their shop from Lunenburg to Centreville. The vintage clothing shop oozes all kinds of charm and nostalgia. The Grapevine wanted to find out more about this entrepreneurial couple, and how they found their way to the Annapolis Valley.

The Grapevine (GV): Tell us about Ametora Supply.
Alex and Margaret (A&M): Ametora Supply is a gender and size inclusive curated vintage shop with a focus on denim and clothing made in Canada and the United States. We moved to Lunenburg from Halifax four years ago, in need of a hard reset. A few months in, we signed a lease and boom, Ametora Supply was born. Alex had been selling vintage clothes at pop-ups and online for over a decade, and Margaret had been selling vintage jewelry and milkglass the same way for a while.

GV: What brings you to the Annapolis Valley?
A&M: We have spent a lot of time road tripping in the Valley, and we’ve always loved the Ward General Store building. During the first lockdown when we were thinking about Ametora’s future, we realized it had become available, and the rest is history.

GV: What should folks expect from a visit to Ametora Supply?
A&M: A lot of the time, we are connecting our customers with the perfect thing they didn’t know they needed, or treasures that they’ve been hunting for. The one thing everything in the shop has in common is a story. We try to pass those along as much as possible. We do advertise items online through Instagram, and we offer items like zines and jewelry through our website. Alex has developed quite a reputation as the Denim Whisperer, and that magic doesn’t work quite the same way online. But he really can find jeans for every body. We want to make sure that our customers are confident and happy in their clothes, and the in-person experience helps us make sure that happens.

GV: What is your favourite part about the vintage shopping experience?
A&M: Storytelling and talking to people about things that excite them. Our customers are unique, creative, and passionate people. And we learn and share so much with them every single day. The absolute joy when someone feels awesome in their clothes is great, too.

GV: What piece of advice would you have for other small business owners carving out a niche?
A&M: Do what you love, the rest will follow.

For more information about Ametora Supply visit ametorasupply.ca or check out their shop in person at 1987 Highway 359, Centreville.