Gifted Boxcar Tracks Creative Space to Wolfville Memorial Library


With the Wolfville Memorial Library operating from a former train station, the idea of building on the locomotive theme made perfect sense when a retired boxcar was offered as a gift to the Town of Wolfville. Months after the offer was made, a curious crowd gathered as the hefty boxcar was gently lowered by crane onto the orphaned tracks behind the library on August 25. Director of Parks and Recreation Kelton Thomason worked with multiple partners to coordinate the special delivery that saw a train return to the small stretch of tracks for the first time since the 1990s. “Everything went smoothly today and now Wolfville has a great new space to inspire creativity,” Thomason said. “It’s a pleasure to share this space with the library.” Over the months ahead, a performance stage will be built on the boxcar, and the interior will be refreshed. Plans for the exterior panels will be determined by the Wolfville Art in Public Spaces Committee. Short-term plans for the newly installed piece of railroad history include storage for the library’s e-bike fleet.

Photos courtesy of the Town of Wolfville.