Thank You from Kings-Kikima Grannies

Betsy Baillie

On behalf of the Kings Kikima Grannies I would like to say thank you to all who donated items to our yard sale on September 25, and to all of you who then came and purchased so many of them. The sale was a huge success and we raised the money needed to pay tuition for a full term for our Kikima children. Four of our children are now in university and two have graduated. Many of the others have been through some form of post secondary education and are out working . Some are sending money home to their Grannies. The ones who are still in school will be through within the next two or three years. Thirteen years ago these children had no hope of having any real education. This project has been so successful because of the support we have from all of you who attend our jewelry and yard sales and donate items for us to recycle and sell. We are so grateful. Thank you.