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Wendy Elliott

Laura Best’s A Sure Cure for Witchcraft
In A Sure Cure for Witchcraft, set in the 1700s, young Lilli’s plight takes front and centre. This is a multi-century story of healing and friendship by Forties resident Laura Best. She has written six works of fiction. Her first young adult novel, Bitter, Sweet, was published in 2009 and short-listed for the Geoffrey Bilson Award for Historical Fiction for Young People. In 2020, Laura’s first novel for adults, Good Mothers Don’t appeared. This year she has completed two novels, The Family Way and A Sure Cure for Witchcraft.

Wendy Elliott (WE): You started writing at the age of 10, what do you love about it?
Laura Best (LB): For me, writing has always been about expression and creativity. I firmly believe that we all create in one way or another. For me, I have always felt a connection to the written word. So many times, during my life, writing has been my refuge.

WE: You have two books of fiction that came out this year. Are you producing more?
LB: I have another middle grade novel that is slated for publication in the fall of 2022 and right now, I’m working on a young adult novel.

WE: Do the issues you write about make you passionate about societal concerns like broken families, poverty, and unwanted babies?
LB: I have always felt passionate about social concerns and all the injustices in the world. So I think it’s more that I feel passionate about these issues and it is why I write about them. I’m a champion of the underdog, always have been.

WE: Do you have a favourite amongst your books or is it always the next one?
LB: While I have a few characters from my books that stand out for me, I’m not sure I could choose a favourite book. Good Mothers Don’t is perhaps the book that I feel a greater sense of accomplishment with, as there were many times during the writing of it that I doubted whether or not I’d ever reach a point where I was satisfied with the story. But I do enjoy a challenge because I know that the reward at the end is always worth it. It is a special feeling when you hold your published book for the first time.

Paul Dunn’s The Flawed
Paul Dunn has been living in the Annapolis Valley for over 25 years. His novel, The Flawed, was published in August by Ingramspark:

Something’s not right in the Solar Complex. The villagers grow old and begin to forget. They forget their world wasn’t always like this, and they weren’t always cursed by the Darkness. A malevolent and mysterious figure, The Giver of Lies alone prospers among the struggling villagers. As the decline deepens, the search for answers becomes more desperate. Gathering what aid he can, Darius, the huntsman, leads those not yet touched by the curse on a hunt more vital than any before.

The Flawed is available in paperback, hard-cover, and ebook at