Margot’s Hidden Gems: Gift Giving

Margot Bishop

It truly is the thought that counts when it comes to gift-giving. A thoughtful gift shows the receiver that you cared enough to put some effort into your choice.

Use your own talents to provide you with good ideas for your gift decisions. If you are a creative person, make a gift. Paint a picture of a well-loved view or setting. Prepare a meal or two, or bake a cake or a pie or biscuits to give to loved ones. If you are a knitter, warm socks or mittens are always appreciated. A crocheted shawl or afghan will be cherished for years. Plant a garden, or create a hanging basket or window box. Did you make jams, jellies, pickles, or relish this year? Give a jar to someone you know who loves them but does not make them for themselves anymore, or never learned to make them. Anything that you make for yourself or family can be turned into a wonderful gift for someone. What about finding a picture or photo of a loved one, or one of a family get-together or reunion, and have it nicely framed. A great snap of a child and their pet is a fun gift.

Now, these are all things, but what about a gift of your time? That is truly a gift of love. To do something for someone—mow a lawn, shovel snow from a path, weed a garden—all these acts of kindness make wonderful gifts. Help rake leaves, tidy a shed, trim a hedge. Clean out an attic or garage. Just offering to do one or some of these jobs will bring a wonderful sense of well-being to the giver and the receiver. I know that time is precious, everyone is busy. A gift of 1/2 hour or so, as a visit, will cheer a person up; or give a family a break and child mind for an hour or so.

When was the last time someone wrote you a proper letter, not an email? As a sentiment of thankfulness, the written word portrays a wealth of feeling not shown by any other method. As a gift, why not write a heartfelt expression of the way you feel about that special person in your life?

Why not a gift card to the movies or a concert? Groceries and items from the drugstore, or ‘chits’ from the taxi cab company are all useful gifts. I know that gas/petrol keeps going up, but what about giving someone a drive in the country?

Remember how to spell gift:
Gracious Intelligent and interesting Fun and Friendly Thoughtful

Whatever your gift, remember, it will be loved because it comes from you.

Photo: Stock image.