A Fezziwig Concert for 2021

Wendy Elliott

Wolfville, like many towns, has some seasonal traditions. In December, just prior to Santa’s arrival, the Fezziwig Family Christmas Frolic has always been one of them.

The 2019 production, Mother Goose Muddle, was a reprise of the very first pantomime from 2002. Then the pandemic started and last year became a video spoof based on Winnie the Pooh stories.

For 2021 the Fezziwig family is back, now in the Al Whittle Theatre, and cast members are imagining a Victorian-era family holiday party full of song. In fact, songs have been selected from the last ten shows.

Many of the community’s favourite actors have returned, including Ray Baltzer and Sherry Bishop, Wil Lang and Emily Lutz, Mike Butler, Spencer Laing, Donna Holmes, Morgandy Levy, and Alan Slipp. The talented Graham Howes will be playing keyboard accompaniment in many musical styles.

There will be two concerts, December 17 in the evening at 7pm, and a matinee at 2pm on December 18 at the Al Whittle Theatre.

Admission will be by free-will donation, first come first served seating. All COVID-19 protocols will be enforced. Proceeds from the concerts will go to the Wolfville food bank.