Mike Uncorked: It’s in my Nature!

Wolfville hosts weekly Queer/Trans Nature Walk
Mike Butler

Let’s start with some silly questions. Who doesn’t like nature? Who doesn’t enjoy walking, hiking, getting outside, and absorbing the goodness around us? Who wouldn’t love a nature walk with an incredible community of friends, chosen family, and support? Exactly!

Wolfville, in many minds, has always been a very welcoming town with many diverse groups and activities, and the town is gearing up for a weekly Queer/Trans Nature Walk. I am so excited to share some of the details with you .

I spoke with coordinator Jaya Papaya (cute name eh?) of Flying Squirrel Adventures, and besides being very thankful for their efforts to create this event, I wanted to pass along that in this world we live in, social media is a King and Queen of communication: that’s how I first heard of the walk and reached out, so kudos on the marketing.

Jaya explains: “These hikes seem to be from a mish-mash of a bunch of things. I got to know the Flying Squirrel Adventures’ creator, Judy Lipp, when I lived just down the road from her a couple summers ago. She’s been super encouraging and has supported me to get this project going. I was inspired by some queer/trans-friendly programming Music In Communities was putting on last summer. My hope is that these hikes will bring people and allies of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community together to connect with nature and each other.”

Did you get that everyone? Yes, I said people AND ALLIES of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community! So, bring yourself, your friends, your parents, your supporters, all types and bodies: this walk is for everyone!

Jaya commented, “I myself am a member of the Queer/Trans community. The way I feel about my own flavour of gender has been in flow throughout my life. Within this practice of self-discovery, I want to stay in touch with my needs for authenticity, self-respect, self-compassion and joy! I’ve been exploring queering my relationships throughout my time in Wolfville and that’s been incredibly fulfilling. Who knows who I’ll be in 20 years!?”

I’ve been a member of the Queer community for 43 years on February 12 (IE: BIRTH) and I’ve always found Wolfville to be engaging with its Queer community and its relationship to the university and our surroundings. This walk is going to be a wonderful way to come together while enjoying the beauty we have around us.

The Queer/ Trans-Friendly Walks will happen every Saturday from 2pm-4pm starting January 29, 2022 and finishing up on March 26! Bring all the outdoor gear you need for the weather. It’s also recommended that you bring a $10.00 donation to the Flying Squirrel Organizers as some things will be provided for you. Visit the Website for more details!

Let’s go have a Gay Old Time Everyone!